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Plastic: Standing the test of time

Since HDPE was developed, winning its discoverers a Nobel prize, it has proven to be a reliable, durable and cost-effective material for a broad range of applications, writes Dr Vasilios Samaras of Asset International.

A mood for change

The current regulatory framework for water was developed to manage the industry's transition to privatisation. CIWEM's executive director, Nick Reeves, asks whether it can now cope with the challenges posed by climate change

Transferring private sewers: The long and the short

The quantity of private sewerage being transferred to sewerage companies is largely unknown. Claire Brown, a consultant scientist at WRc, reports on a new model to gauge the scale of works

It's never too late to innovate

Pneumatic actuators have many advantages over their electrical counterparts for the water and wastewater process industries. These components are used extensively by the industry worldwide, except in the UK. Festo's Martin Hunt tries to pinpoint why, and sees an encouraging shift in attitudes.

The market rules, okay?

Climate change solutions, says Ciwem executive director, Nick Reeves, cannot be left to the market nor to personal conduct alone

Capital investment

If you try to fix a leaky Victorian pipe in London, the chances are you will cause another leak. Trenchless technology is the way forward. We look at the progress made by one of the major contractors working in the city, Clancy Docwra.

Environment by numbers

January sales, and the marketing campaigns that urge us to shop until we drop, fuel consumerism. And consumerism fuels climate change, writes Nick Reeves, executive director of Ciwem

How many planets?

Today there are more than twice the number of people alive than there were 50 years ago, and we've breached environmental limits. It's time for a population policy, writes Nick Reeves

Glass war

There are pitfalls for manufacturers and local authorities if a plant is built without consent. Nina Benson reports on a glass factory that stands to be shut down at the cost of 220 jobs

Turning the tide

After more than a decade of investigation and negotiation, a determined builder has moved a regulatory mountain to turn a polluted old shipyard into a residential complex and marina

The EnvironmentBusiness Interview

Tom Idle heads to Canary Wharf to talk to Barclays' Andrew Flett about environmental impacts, light detectors, and his garden on the roof

War on waste

The latest water conservation scheme from Envirowise has made a Big Splash, with 12 companies learning how to stop pouring their profits down the drain. Tom Idle reports

We have failed to address the system risks of climate change, warns the report

UK Foreign Office: Climate change threat must be handled like nuclear proliferation

Climate change should be treated with the same gravity as the threat of nuclear war, a major new report from the UK Foreign Office has warned.

Jeremy Leggett recently stepped down from Solarcentury, to focus on other campaigns in the lead up to the Paris climate talks in December

Jeremy Leggett: It's time to wake up to the fact that the war on carbon is being won

The green energy entrepreneur, environmental campaigner and founder of Solarcentury says the renewables revolution is gathering pace, and UK businesses are on the front-line.

The US Department of Defence is the country's largest consumer of fossil fuels

What's the environmental impact of modern war?

Ban Ki-moon has called on nations to do more to protect the environment from the destruction of war, but even in times of peace our militaries have a huge impact on natural resources.

Achieving sustainability through financial rigour

Committing to a sustainability programme requires ambition, a clear understanding of how targets will be achieved and, above all, backing from management, employees and partners. But how integral is it to apply financial disciplines to a business's sustainability plan? Leigh Stringer finds out

Interserve to cut water usage by 20% by 2016

Interserve has announced that it aims to reduce its water consumption by 20% in three years following the release of its 2020 sustainability programme, which looks at the stewardship of energy and natural resources.

Brits beat the French in war of the winds

The British Isles experienced a moderate boost in windy conditions in 2011, according to the Met Office's new index.

domhnall dods / Shutterstock.com

MOD declares war on water wastage

MOD industry partners will be responsible for reducing water consumption in UK military establishments, the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) has announced.

The Chancellor George Osborne

Osborne slammed for 'gas obsession'

The Chancellor has received heavy criticism from environmental organisations following his autumn statement where he outlined plans to allow a new fleet of gas-fired power stations to be built across the UK.

CEO of the World Economic Forum José María Figueres

Statesman on a mission to save the planet

Former president of Costa Rica and CEO of the World Economic Forum, José María Figueres has turned his full attention to climate change as president of the Carbon War Room and tells Rob Bell why business is key to winning the battle.

TrustMark has voiced its concerns about a huge wave of 'ancillary works' triggered by the Green Deal scheme

Government must tackle rogue traders cashing in on Green Deal

A group of 20 consumer advice bodies, charities, trade associations and building industry organisations is urging the Government to tackle the risk of rogue traders cashing in on the Green Deal scheme, as it officially becomes law today.

lev radin / Shutterstock.com

Trump seeks alliance with MOD on war over wind turbines

Donald Trump has reached out for an alliance with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) in an attempt to quash plans for the construction of an offshore wind farm close to his golf course.

Brawoliner used at cathedral site

Difficulty of access meant a pipe repair job required a trenchless solution. On behalf of CJ Kelly, Ian Clarke explains

EDF cuts gas prices by 5%

French power giant EDF has unveiled a 5% price cut in its gas prices - following a 15.4% rise last year.

Sustainable development RIP

An untimely death should lead to a more honest policy, writes Barrie Clarke of Undercurrent

Digital flood alert sirens to be unveiled for 2012

Hi-tech digital sirens warning of coastal flooding are set to replace World War two alarms for the Olympic Games.

Army calls for renewable investment reinforcements

Military land across the United States is to be opened up for private investors to install renewable energy infrastructure.

'People who are 40 or younger expect you to be sustainable in your business practices,' says Chip Conley

Chip Conley

Erik Jaques meets Chip Conley, executive chairman and chief creative officer, Joie de Vivre Hospitality

From enfant terrible to environmental catalyst: Frederic Hauge

'This is a game where we have to find the solutions together'

Erik Jaques meets Frederic Hauge, founder of Bellona

Tom Szaky, co-founder of Terracycle

'We want to go bigger and faster - it's never enough'

From its accidental beginnings to a multimillion-dollar turnover, Terracycle is an unorthodox model of a company that took a multi-tracked road, including recyclable pouches and a reality TV series. Its co-founder, Tom Szaky, tells Erik Jaques how making deals along the way opened up further opportunities to grow

Damning approach to catchment preservation

Rather than invest in expensive technology to tackle the growing problem of high-colour in the raw water entering five treatment works, Natasha Wiseman reports on a different approach being taken by Yorkshire Water

Industry warning over sewer transfer

Water UK has warned the Government that the regulations on the transfer of private sewers will not be approved in time to allow them to make the necessary preparations for a successful transfer. The utilities' representative body has written to the Secretary of State pointing out that if the regulations on the transfer of private sewers are not presented by the end of May, it will not be possible for companies to meet the 1 October deadline for the transfer.

Clouds of uncertainty

What does the future hold for the troubled utility Northern Ireland Water after the catastrophic water shortages of last year? Dean Stiles reports.

Army could drastically cut its carbon 'bootprint'

A modern army could ride hybrid tanks and use remote laser technology to become an effective and greener force, according to one of its engineers.

Will regulation threaten future investment?

The withdrawal of a big player from the regulated UK market and warnings by analysts of the negative effect on investment of over-regulation have added to the uncertainty within the UK water industry. Dean Stiles reports.

Mersey Valley Processing Centre for sludge at Shell Green in Warrington

Operational efficiency delivered on Mersey network

Control and management of wastewater in the newly upgraded Mersey Valley Sludge Pipeline has delivered on cost and efficiency for United Utilities, says Mark Chung of Siemens Industry Automation

A new dawn for the industry?

The Government’s review of Ofwat is set to bring fundamental reforms. Dean Stiles hears how the regulator needs to change – and why that should be good news for both the companies and contractors alike.

Mexico has clamped down on drug cartels but violence continues

Drug violence threatens COP16

Drug fuelled violence sweeping across Mexico now threatens crucial United Nation's climate change talks.

An artist's impression of the scheme

Carbon neutral military stable to be powered by horse manure

A military stable is being relocated to south east London to what the builder is claiming will be a carbon neutral home run by horse manure.

US army base greens its kennels

A US military base in sweltering Arizona is to overhaul its dog training unit to add a series of green measures.

Jane Davidson (centre) at the launch of Towards Zero Waste

Minister urges Wales to rethink rubbish

Following the launch of Towards Zero Waste, the new strategy introduced in Wales on 21 June, environment minister, Jane Davidson, has welcomed the publication of new waste and recycling figures and has called on householders to change their attitudes towards what they throw away.

A worker holds a lump of solidified FOG after removing it from a sewer

Clearing the FOG away

High maintenance costs have inspired Dublin City Council to go to war on FOG. The programme, scoped out by Compliance Consulting, has brought change to the drainage network

Pill is a short way down river of the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge

Bomb scare at flood defences

A corroded hulk of metal uncovered during preparation work for flood defences on the River Avon sparked a bomb scare this week.

Finnish researchers consider causes of water wars

Competing interests spark conflicts and as water shortages begin to bite around the world hostilities are likely to flare up.

China adopts military solution for drought

The southwest of China is gripped by the worst drought in a century and this week the country sent soldiers armed with demijohns of water to help affected areas.

Army chiefs not camouflaging green credentials

Britain's military has announced a series of measured aimed at reducing its carbon footprint through greening its supply line and improving energy efficiency.

A world worth fighting for

Humans, says CIWEM executive director Nick Reeves, are not the point or purpose of the planet. We need to believe in a new way of living - and our goal should be a more equitable world

Bubbling over the surface

A serious flooding incident is a sure fire way of getting surface water management on to the front pages. WWT editor Natasha Wiseman took a trip to Blackpool to find out what is needed from the industry's experts

Urban Warriors

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Bloomberg told a meeting of city leaders how green policies were helping the fight against climate change. At city level, Copenhagen gave real cause for optimism, says Mike Scott

Downpours, then delays?

The devastating flooding in Cumbria was a reminder of the desperate need for new legislation. But has the Flood and Water Management Bill any chance of getting through Parliament? Many water industry figures fear not. Dean Stiles reports.

Have the courage of your convictions: Phil Garvey

Be brave and bin the politics

With tabloids declaring war on wheelie bins and councillors running scared, frontline staff are being hindered from doing their job - this has to stop, warns Phil Garvey

Ultraviolet, ultra useful

Tony Leigh looks at the history of UV disinfection - and explains how recent advances have made it more effective in the battle for safe drinking water.

Wireless wonders

Traditionally, water monitoring has been a challenge. But new developments in digital telemetry and SCADA technology are drastically improving performance.

Water must not become a reason for war

Making sure water does not become a reason for war is a main part of the agenda for Britain at Copenhagen, according to Hilary Benn MP.

Herculean task for McNicholas

Utilities contractor McNicholas has taken on utilities diversion project at an urban development in Croydon and a newly created sports park using some of the latest 3D civil engineering software. David York of Autodesk explains

Dr Adam Read: Waste prevention ultimately saves money

What's arising? Prevention, not cure

Dr Adam Read looks at the ups and downs of waste arisings and argues that councils should be focusing their attention on prevention and reduction going forward

Under pressure - the impact of the recession on the sustainability agenda

The recession is having a huge impact on corporate spending, not least on sustainability budgets. The common advice is for businesses to adopt green principles and invest in low-carbon technologies to help them through the downturn. But are companies listening and acting on that counsel, wonders Tom Idle

An artist's impression of the proposed MBT plant

Wiltshire MBT plant gets green light

Hills Group has won planning permission to build a £15M MBT plant in Westbury, Wiltshire. Wiltshire County Council gave the go-ahead for the 45,000tpa facility which is set to be operational by 2011.

The course to Copenhagen

In the run up to the UN talks in December, which will hopefully set a global deal for climate change, business leaders, top consultants, and environmental experts reflect on 2008 - and share their hopes and fears for the year ahead

Pump control innovation key to improving efficiencies

The 1997 Kyoto Protocol means it is incumbent on the pumping sector to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This coupled with rising energy costs has led to a radical thinking from Retroflo on how efficiencies can be improved with pump control.

As serious 'as a terror attack'

Adrian J Clark - project manager of the detection department at the Defence Science & Technology Laboratory at Porton Down - reviews a conference that looked at ways of addressing water contamination incidents

The Vile Sky Club - a sector profile of the aviation industry

Aviation features high on the environmental most-wanted list. And, as the airline industry is predicted to treble by 2030, this is not wholly unreasonable. But differences remain over how best to curb its emissions, writes Mike Scott

Some Frank admissions

Frank Rogalla, now of Aqualia, used to frequently fly on planes - meaning he really stuck his carbon boot into the planet. But, he pleads, he has done some great sustainability work to make up for it

THe unpredictable nature of climate chaos should not be allowed to stop us preparing for the worst

World ill-prepared for climate change security threat

While governments around the world are pouring funding into counter-terrorism measures, few are facing up to the security threat presented by climate change.

The white 'Mobius Loop' recycling symbol on the base of the coffee cup is to be replaced by the green Tidy Man logo. Photo: costacoffeeuk/Flickr

Costa replaces coffee cup recycling logo with 'Tidy Man' in war on waste pledge

EXCLUSIVE: Costa Coffee is to remove the recycling symbol from all of its paper cups and is now trialling in-store recycling systems at 50 of its UK stores as it ramps up plans to "lead the industry" in the fight against coffee cup waste.

edie has pulled together a green innovation extravaganza, bringing you seven sustainability solutions that could all serve a purpose in ending the war on waste

Recyclable coffee cups and mushroom packaging: 7 innovations that could win the war on waste

In a week that sees the recyclability of coffee cups and cardboard packaging come under scrutiny in Hugh's War on Waste, edie rounds up the potential technologies and solutions that Britain's retailers could be exploring to make 'waste' a word of the past.

War is hell - for the environment

'Geneva Convention' needed to protect environment from war

Tighter rules are needed to protect the planet during armed conflicts, according to environmental professionals.

Listen to exclusive interviews with the environment manager at Costa, the co-founder of Simply Cups, and a circular economy consultant in this special edition of the edie podcast

The Sustainable Business Covered podcast: Episode 07 - How to win the war on waste coffee cups

As Hugh's War on Waste throws coffee cups into the spotlight, edie hears from the recycling experts, circular economy gurus and retailers at the heart of the debate to explore exactly what needs to happen to solve the great coffee cup conundrum.

Desalination - a necessary evil?

The government's approval of a £200M desalination plant in east London highlights its failure to secure the sustainable use of resources, writes CIWEM's executive director Nick Reeves

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall heads out in his ‘battle bus’ to raise the issue of coffee cup recycling to the public, claiming less than 1% of discarded cups are actually recycled

Hugh's War on Waste: The battle continues with coffee cup recycling in the spotlight

Celebrity chef-turned-eco-warrior Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is reigniting his 'War on Waste' TV series this week, with attention shifting from food waste to coffee cup recycling.

Building a sustainable future for brick waste

The brick-making industry could save millions while diverting contaminated waste away from landfill thanks to a project which puts spent scrubbers from flue pipes to good use.

Richard Pawlyn, Managing Director of Landmark Information Group's Property & Environment Division

Russian Spies Have Us Mapped Out

At this year's ET 2007, Landmark Information Group will be exhibiting their latest addition to their historical map archive, Russian spy maps of the UK. Richard Pawlyn, Managing Director of Landmark Information Group's Property and Environment division, explains the role that these unique maps play in helping consultants identify potentially contaminative features.

Battlefield pollution can cause acute and delayed lung damage, say scientists

Battlefield pollution potentially fatal

American army researchers have concluded that proximity to battlefield explosions or a bomb detonation can be bad for your health - even if you survive the blast.

Coral reefs are effective CO2 absorbers as well as offering protection from floods

Reefs key protection from rising seas

Protected marine areas can be a key tool in protecting coastal communities from the impacts of a changing climate, a conservation group has said.

A wide range of organisations will help Unilever and Hubbub develop fresh messaging on food waste and run engaging campaigns which encourage households to better understand the value of food

Unilever and Hubbub launch 'Joint Ambition for Zero Food Waste Britain'

Global consumer goods firm Unilever has teamed up with social enterprise charity Hubbub to launch a collaborative, social media-driven project aimed at eliminating food waste.

Jeremy Paxman gave the keynote address at the Foodservice Packaging Association (FPA) Environment Seminar in Birmingham

Jeremy Paxman issues rallying call for businesses to "win the war on litter"

Veteran BBC interrogator Jeremy Paxman has said he is "sick to the back teeth" of Britain's rising litter problem and is calling on businesses to take the initiative and collaborate for a mass behaviour change campaign to curb the issue.

Clean up grants for atomic atolls

News in Brief

Sainsburys said the year-long project could save the average family £350 a year on food bills

Sainsbury's selects Derbyshire town for food waste innovation trial

Sainsbury's is investing £1m in a market town in Derbyshire to trial new food waste initiatives which could halve the town's waste.

How Barnet is winning the war on fly-tipping

Barnet Council has eliminated industrial-scale dumping and drastically reduced the number of smaller fly-tips in its borough over the past two years. Johnathan Schroder explains how

The meals form part of WWF's LiveWell project which aims to encourage sustainable eating habits

WWF launches line of sustainable meals

Conservation charity WWF has teamed up with facilities manager and food services provider Sodexo to launch a new range of 10 'sustainable' meals.

Going Zero on Carbon: It can be done

A Step by Step Guide for edie by Jeremy Leggett, CEO of solarcentury

Communities and corporations both want America's water

US communities demand right to public water supply

With America's biggest private water provider up for sale, local citizens are demanding the "democratic right" to buy their own water facilities, claiming that privatisation has brought them high prices, bad service and corporate meddling in politics.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall sits atop a seven-tonne pile of discarded clothes, which the UK generates in just 10 minutes

Hugh's War on Waste puts fast fashion in the spotlight

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall continued his 'war on waste' last night (9 November), with the second episode of his TV show highlighting the need for a more sustainable fashion industry.

The few remaining grey whales at Sakhalin are under threat

Shell accused of hypocrisy over wildlife comp sponsorship

Oil giant Shell has come under attack from campaign group Friends of the Earth for its financial backing of an environmental photography competition.

The Hammond family farm in Norfolk are forced to throw away more than 20 tonnes of waste parsnips a week

Hugh's war on food waste: Are supermarkets doing enough?

Chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has gone to war on waste, with a new TV show highlighting the food waste caused by exacting supermarket standards. But the retailers have been quick to tell edie about the steps they're taking to tackle the problem.

Fast tracked remediation reclaims shipyard site

The twin themes of brownfield site regeneration in maritime environments and the beneficial re-use of dredged materials are being entwined at an innovative and significant groundworks, dredging and marine construction project currently under way at Brightlingsea in Essex

Climate change and population growth has led to many countries suffering from water stress

WRI: Extreme water stress in Middle East could stoke civil unrest

Countries from the Middle East will likely be be exposed to 'extreme water stress' by 2040, threatening national security, the World Resources Institute has found.

Red melting snow at high altitude in the Alps. Whilst most of Europe are aware of climate change, far fewer consider it to be detrimental

Climate change: world's wealthiest understand, but only half see it as threat

People living in the world's wealthiest nations generally understand what climate change is but in many countries just half perceive it to be a threat, new research has found.

Orphaned chimps: whole troupes are slaughtered to capture a single baby to sell to well-meaning Westerners

Great ape plight laid out in atlas

Great apes are doomed to extinction unless conservation efforts in the countries where they are found can be linked with programmes to address human poverty.

All change!

Global warming is going to transform the world and the economy with it, says Dr Arlo Brady of Cambridge University. But there are ways in which business can prepare for the massive changes on the horizone

Research and discovery

Dr James Barnard has had a significant influence on the development of wastewater treatment systems. His scientific breakthrough, the Bardenpho process, laid the foundation for all ensuing BNR systems. Frank Rogalla assesses Dr Barnard's considerable legacy

Blending into the background

Review of the upgrade process at Slapton WwTW and Torcross pumping station, which involved significant time and environmental constraints

Earth set to bite back

The Kyoto Climate Change Treaty - the most complex treaty ever negotiated - is now in force, but the targets need to be raised and achieved if we are to make a real difference to our environment, says CIWEM executive director Nick Reeves

The green vote

So just how green are the main political parties? In this election special, Claire Monkhouse finds out

Advances in membrane systems

Jack Noble, managing director of Zenon Environmental, discusses the developments in the application of membrane technology for iron and manganese removal from potable water

Iraqi workers lay water distribution pipeline in Basra.  Photo: CH2MHill/Parsons JV

US wades into Iraqi water

Iraq's Minister of Municipalities and Public Works asked leaders from the North American water community to provide technical and operational expertise to assist her country in rebuilding its water infrastructure at a meeting hosted by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) on 8 December.

Lack of conservation will bring mayhem for monkeys

Primates around the world face increasing danger from human activities such as deforestation, and some are at risk of disappearing altogether, according to a group of scientists.


CIWEM executive director Nick Reeves says time is running out, and if Britain cannot make significant impacts on emissions, our ability to persuade other countries to take climate change seriously will be badly undermined....

Culture shock

European business has a lot to learn from the way the Japanese manage their environmental impacts. Environment Business talks to electronics manufacturer Brother about the company's approach

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