Water White Paper

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Government condemned for 'disappointing' draft water bill

The Government's draft water bill lacks ambition and the plans are unlikely to provide the necessary changes within an acceptable timescale, according to the latest Westminster Sustainable Business Forum publication.

Government must take more action or risk further flooding, says environmental leaders

Lack of government action increases UK water risk

The risk of flooding and water shortage in 2013 has increased because the Government has been 'too slow' in taking action to improve water management in the UK, warn environmental leaders.

An estimated 40,000 job losses could be avoided in each five-year cycle if investment was decoupled from the AMP model

Government urges water sector to smooth out investment cycles

Water companies could save more than £1bn if the problem of cyclical investment in the sector was properly addressed according to the latest government findings.

Defra draft Water Bill opens up competition

Businesses in England could save £2bn under new plans unveiled today allowing them to "shop around" for their water and sewerage suppliers.

Government under fire for weak stance on water metering

Support has come flooding in for a new report that slams the Government's approach to water metering as "weak" and raises concerns over whether plans outlined in the Water White Paper will be enough to stop rivers running dry.

Business engagement will drive economy, says Ofwat

Managing business customer expectations and creating a sustainable water supply legacy needs to be the challenge water companies address, according to Thames Water and Ofwat.

Increase water bills, says Lords

Government must allow the cost of water to increase and act faster than the Water White Paper suggests - if the UK is to protect its dwindling water resources.

Gavin Shuker accuses government of lack of urgency on water reforms

Shadow minister calls for industry roadmap to decarbonise water

Shadow water minister Gavin Shuker has called on the Government to draw up a national roadmap to reduce emissions from the water and wastewater sectors.

Greater interconnection of the supply network and transfer of water across regions will be key to ensure water is not the weakest link

Interconnection is key to UK water scarcity challenge

The UK faces some serious challenges if it is to maintain the balance of water supplies through the 21st century. Steven Lambert, principal consultant at Isle Utilities, believes interconnection and innovation is the answer

Industry looks East

The White Water Paper sets out plans to stimulate further investment in the UK water industry. British contractors should not be surprised to find themselves competing against Asian companies, says Dean Stiles

Spelman urges UK to 'save water' as South East is declared in drought

The UK must "find a way to save water" in order to ease the strain on water supplies and reduce the effects of drought, according to environment secretary Caroline Spelman.

Yorkshire Water chief exec Richard Flint formed one half of a lively and good-natured speaker session with Severn Trent Water chief exec Tony Wray

'Committed to change' say water company bosses

A commitment to change, a focus on sector resilience and protecting investor confidence are key to the future of the water sector, according to an engaging session led by two water company chief execs last week.

Water demand management an increasing challenge for UK, warns Defra director

The UK's water resources are "already under pressure" and water demand is set to increase, according to Defra director Sonia Phippard, who has also raised concerns over affordability and environmental issues.

Water industry debates challenges post Water White Paper

UK water industry experts gathered in London today (February 2) to discuss the future of the water industry following the release of the Government's Water White Paper (WWP).

Water White Paper: Energy industry reforms will boost water consumption

An influential paper on the future of water use in the UK has highlighted the likelihood of the energy industry increasing its demand.

UPDATED: Water White Paper published

The overdue Water White Paper has today (December 8) been unveiled by government - gaining a generally positive response from industry.

EIC is most concerned about the issue of job retention in the water industry

Water White Paper must address 'blight' of AMP cycles says EIC

The Environmental Industries Commission (EIC) has launched a lobbying campaign ahead of the much-anticipated Water White Paper to ensure it's not "an opportunity wasted".

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