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The generally positive results in the 2015 Sustainability Report demonstrate an increasingly holistic sustainability strategy pursued by Heineken in recent years

Heineken slashes key footprints as production volume surges

International brewer Heineken has revealed reductions in both water consumption and carbon emissions, despite a growth in production, as it drives towards its 2020 sustainability targets.

Dairy firms reported a reduction of 13% in water intensity since 2007

Food and dairy industries report water intensity improvements

The UK dairy industry and food and drink manufacturers have made significant steps towards improving water efficiency, according to a new report published today (6 July).

The multinational pharmaceutical company identified water reduction as one of its central environmental challenges

Johnson & Johnson cuts emissions as water becomes main sustainability challenge

Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson reduced its carbon emissions in 2014, but the firm is close to missing its 2015 water consumption target.

Three steps all businesses should take on water management

Businesses could benefit from taking a three-pronged approach to fast-track effective water management strategies, a sustainability expert has said.

Bentley has achieved a 35.7% reduction in water use between 2011 and 2013

Bentley achieves industry first with triple Carbon Trust certification

Bentley has become the first automotive company to receive the triple Carbon Trust Standard for carbon, water and waste reduction.

The company's plant in Buxton £35m factory produces lightweight bottled water products with 25% less PET plastic

Nestlé Waters achieves zero waste to landfill at £35m Buxton bottling plant

Nestlé Waters announced today (15 July) that it has achieved zero waste-to-landfill at its £35m factory in Buxton in Derbyshire and its head office in Rickmansworth, diverting 500 tonnes from landfill in the past 12 months.

The company's food stores account for 62% of total water use

Co-operative Group prioritises water use with new 30% reduction goal

The Co-operative Group has set itself a new target to reduce water consumption across its operations by 30% by 2016, using 2010 as a baseline year. Scroll down for full report.

US manufacturer Mosaic Company is operating on more than 90% water and is now helping other businesses to reduce their consumption

US manufacturer works with energy firm to cut water by 20m litres per day

Nutrient producer Mosaic Company has made significant progress in its water conservation efforts during the past 12 months, with its main fertilizer production facility now operating on more than 90% recycled water.

Nestle is cutting water use at its operations in the EU as water scarcity is affecting one in ten people living in the region

Nestlé commits to 40% water reduction across EU operations

Nestlé has committed to reducing water consumption by 40% across its European production sites by 2020, compared to 2010 levels.

Coca Cola aims to achieve a 100% replenishment rate by 2020

Cola-Cola looks beyond water targets to wider policy challenge

Coca-Cola's director of global water stewardship Greg Koch has revealed that policy engagement is the fastest growing area of the company's work on water as he called for greater government intervention on the issue.

Colgate squeezes out water use during manufacture

Colgate-Palmolive has developed a system to help identify and share best practice on water reduction throughout all of its global manufacturing sites.

Bales of used cans enter the shredder at Novelis plant in Oswego, NY

Novelis on track to meet 2020 water reduction target

Global aluminium company Novelis has reduced its water-use intensity by 16% from 2007-2009 average levels, putting it on track to achieve its 25% reduction target by 2020.

IHG sets 2017 water reduction target

Major hotel company, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), has today announced that it will reduce water use per occupied room in water-stressed areas by 12% by 2017.

Water metering is now providing O2's Slough head office with half-hourly data and has pinpointed where water use is highest

O2 on target to cut water consumption by 25% by 2015

O2 is on target to cut water consumption by 25% from its offices and switch sites by 2015, despite usage increasing by almost 17m litres in 2012, according to the company's latest sustainability report.

Bloomberg's CEO Dan Doctoroff says that since launching its sustainability program in 2007 the company has saved $43m [£28m]

Bloomberg reduces 2013 water target as initial goal 'too aggressive'

Global business and financial information provider Bloomberg has reduced its 2013 water reduction target by 6.3 million gallons after the company concluded that the initial goal was 'too aggressive'.

Food and drink sector on track to meet 20% water reduction target

Food and drink manufacturers have collectively saved £2.2m by reducing their water consumption through a voluntary agreement led by WRAP.

Accor hotel - Adagio Brussel Centre Monnaie in Belgium

Reducing consumption: Accor's long-term solution for a short-term stay

Global hotel operator Accor has a strikingly apparent business case for reducing consumption, with energy, water and waste costing the company a staggering €400m (£345m) per year. And without further progression in efficiency this bill is only going to increase, finds Leigh Stringer.

EXCLUSIVE: Inaccuracy in Orange's CSR report reveals increase in water consumption

Telecommunications giant Orange has revealed that its water consumption increased by 7.8% in 2012 from 2011, despite the company reporting a reduction of 36%, an error uncovered by edie.

Colgate-Palmolive on track to meet 2015 water reduction target

Major toothpaste company Colgate-Palmolive has achieved a 30% reduction in water use per tonne of product, mainly through improving its assessment of water use at its manufacturing sites.

UK 'innovative enough' to reach 20% water reduction by 2050

The efficiency work being carried out by water utility companies is likely to help the UK achieve water savings of up to 10% by 2020 and at least 20% by 2050, says Paul Jeffrey from Cranfield University.

Dairy UK partners with FHC to reduce water usage

Dairy UK and WRAP have signed an agreement that will see the dairy industry representative become an official partner to the Federation House Commitment (FHC).

British 'extremely misguided' on water use

UK consumers use five times more water than they realise, despite 81% of Brits expressing that they are conscious about their water usage, a survey has revealed.

Ofwat urged to recognise the true value of water in London

Water must be managed better in London, and leakage rates are not likely to improve significantly because Ofwat targets are not stringent enough, according to the London Assembly.

Severn Trent Costain md Wayne Earp (left) and commercial director Rob Flinn

Severn Trent partners with Costain to target industrial water users

The joint venture between the water company and the engineering firm will form what it hopes will be a one-stop shop for high volume water users.

Soft drinks sector braced for sustainability drive

Plans to develop a sustainability roadmap to improve resource efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of the soft drinks industry have been unveiled.

Coca-Cola slashes water footprint by 13%

Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) has revealed it is continuing to make progress on its water, carbon and waste and packaging reductions.

Nestlé pledges to set tougher water KPIs

Nestlé has revisited its 2006 water commitments in a bid to create tighter performance indicators as it looks to continue water efficiency improvements made in 2011.

Interior view of H&M store in Stockholm, Sweden

H&M aims for sustainable 'fast-fashion'

High street fashion powerhouse H&M is ramping up its commitment to become a 'fast-fashion' eco leader with its latest report showing impressive reductions in water, energy and waste.

Balfour Beatty unveils sustainability progress

Engineering and construction group Balfour Beatty has revealed it made good progress in water and waste reduction between 2009 -2011 - although admits falling short in energy reduction.

Local council aims to cut water use by 20%

West Sussex County Council (WSCC) has revealed that a new grant scheme could help it reduce its water consumption by 20%.

Bacardi's five-year CSR drive halves water usage

Bacardi has cut water usage by 50% over the past five years according to its latest CSR report which also reveals significant milestones in energy efficiency and waste reduction.

H&M tests new water risk tool

Clothing retailer H&M is among the first companies to take advantage of WWF's new global online tool, which aims to help businesses identify and mitigate water risk.

Unilever aims to reduce environmental impact through collaborative working

Unilever has published details of a range of research projects focusing on waste, water and health in a bid to develop technologies and products with a lower environmental impact.

VIDEO: Coca-Cola on track to hit 20% water use efficiency target

Drinks giant Coca-Cola has unveiled how progress to improve water management and reduce water consumption is underway in its latest report.

UK's fourth busiest airport slashes water use by a third

London Stansted Airport (LAE) has reduced its water consumption by nearly 33% in just 12 months - saving about 205m litres of water across its site.

Water users urged to use 'wisely' to protect wildlife

Businesses, farmers and households are being urged to reduce their water usage in a bid to protect wildlife from the damaging impact of drought.

Policy makers pledge commitment to water challenges

Ministers and delegation heads have signed a Ministerial Declaration at the World Water Forum in Marseille, underlining that they are "determined to address water challenges at all scales".

Europe must improve water efficiency to boost green economy

Water efficiency efforts must be "redoubled" by Europe in a bid to bolster the green economy, according to a new report.

Henkel aims to triple business efficiency by 2030

Technologies business Henkel has identified sustainability as a key driver behind its pledge to improve the efficiency of its business and supply chain three-fold by 2030.

Environment Committee thrashes out capital's sustainability priorities

London businesses must be encouraged to reduce water consumption and switch to greener energy sources in a bid to boost the green economy and create a better quality environment in which to work.

Fashion brand launches with 100% transparency policy

A fashion brand has launched with what it claims is a 100% transparency policy in a bid to prove its sustainability credentials right down the supply chain.

Sainsbury's is increasingly looking to engage the consumer in its sustainability decision-making

Sainsbury's seeks customer views on future water scarcity

Sainsbury's is canvassing opinion among its customers on how to tackle the growing issue of water scarcity as it prepares to debate the problem with key stakeholders in a closed meeting next week.

Soap suds and savings

Washrooms can account for a significant percentage of water use in offices. But, say Ann Durrant and Alexandra McKay, companies can reduce their impact on this natural resource and save money by switching from lotion to foam soaps and changing their employees handwashing technique

Sustainability drive saves Co-op £40m per year

The Co-operative Group's ethical plan, launched 12 months ago has paid dividends, reducing emissions, slashing water usage and making an impressive impact on the bottom line.

Colgate-Palmolive smashes reduction targets

Personal hygiene manufacturing giant Colgate-Palmolive has exceeded ambitious targets of cutting water use and greenhouse gases (GHG) - slashing them by nearly 50% and 25% respectively.

Coca-Cola on track to become 'water neutral' by 2020

Drinks giant Coca-Cola has unveiled how it will continue to hit "stringent" targets to reduce water usage in its first digital Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Businesses urged to reduce water usage

Water flows have improved in the UK's rivers as a result of tighter rules on abstraction for businesses, water companies and agriculture, but there is still a way to go says the Environment Agency (EA).

Businesses thrash-out sustainability challenges

Sustainability leaders from a range of UK brands gathered in London yesterday (January 24) to thrash-out solutions to sustainability challenges, arguing that collaboration between businesses has a crucial part to play in improving sustainability.

Waterwise set to run engaging water users conference

Water efficiency organisation Waterwise is set to host a conference on engaging water users, with a 20% discount offered before end of January.

IBM heads up global corporate sustainability council

Global brands including IBM, Coca-Cola, Boeing and Walt Disney have joined forces to form a sustainability council that will explore innovative solutions for materials recovery, water and energy usage.

WRAP joins Anglian Water to help SMEs cut water usage

WRAP and Anglian Water Business have joined forced forces in a bid to help businesses cut their water bills.

ANALYSIS: British soft drink sector tackles water wastage

Reducing water use by 20% by 2020, compared with a 2007 baseline, in the production chain is the second key area flagged up in the British Soft Drinks Association's (BSDA) Sustainability Progress report.

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Ford aims to cut water usage by a third by 2015

Car manufacturing giant Ford has unveiled an "aggressive" new water strategy which aims to cut water usage per vehicle built by 30% in 2015, compared with a 2009 baseline.

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