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Rapid population growth and rising quality of life, along with increasing demand for food and energy has led to far greater levels of stress on limited groundwater resources

Global free-for-all has 'water bank' running dry

An incendiary report from a NASA scientist which warns that the world's water supplies are rapidly dwindling has sparked calls for changes to UK water policy

International trade strategies for water could spark global conflict

Trade investment strategies driven by big business are in danger of turning water into a commodity, a Friends of the Earth study has warned.

Ofwat proposals to combat unsustainable water use

Ofwat has today announced proposals to change the way it regulates the water and sewerage sector, in an attempt to ensure the sustainable management of water.

Thames Water secures retail market status

Thames Water has entered the water retail market with the right to supply commercial customers throughout England, Wales and Scotland.

Defra draft Water Bill opens up competition

Businesses in England could save £2bn under new plans unveiled today allowing them to "shop around" for their water and sewerage suppliers.

Water companies consider water trading proposals

The UK must take a "more strategic overview of water management" if it is to avoid the "spectre" of drought becoming an annual event.

Water is as important to the mining industry as the ore it extracts

The delicate balance of sharing water

The value of water is set to be truly realised in Western Australia as consumers prepare to buy, sell or lease their share of their licensed supplies. Deborah Rohan of the Water and Rivers Commision reports on the new initiative.

Azurix trades water online in the American West

The Texas water group, Azurix has set up a web-based exchange for the sale, storage and transport of water in the American West.

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