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The WWF has also called on politicians to continue to develop the county's

September an 'astonishing' month for Scottish renewable energy

Scotland has had an "astonishing" month for wind energy, managing to generate 100% of its energy needs through wind turbines alone for two full days.

RSPB has welcomed this willingness to explore less conventional renewable energy projects, claiming that it would support projects that will have less of an impact on marine wildlife

RSPB calls on UK Government to commit to offshore renewable energy projects

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) has called on the UK Government to renew its commitment to supporting renewables, with an emphasis on "deep water" energy, on the same day that a consultation on renewable energy support closes.

IRENA estimates that electricity costs could fall 35% for offshore wind, and 26% for onshore wind compared to 2015

Global Wind Day: 10 wind energy statistics that will blow you away

On a day dedicated to discovering wind, its power and the possibilities it holds to change our world, edie takes a look at 10 interesting wind energy statistics on Global Wind Day (15 June).

The plans lays out how the wind farm could be funded solely by the income from the electricity it generates

Britain's first subsidy-free wind farm planned for Cornwall

A community-owned wind farm that can run without financial aid or Government subsidies looks set to become a reality after UK-based green energy firm Good Energy submitted proposals for a new site in Cornwall.

Almost half of the respondents have called for an end to the subsidised building of fossil fuel infrastructure

Overwhelming public support for renewables could shape Scottish elections

The next Scottish Government would be wise to spark investment into the renewables sector, as a new YouGov survey reveals overwhelming public support for the continued development of clean energy over fossil fuels and nuclear.

High-voltage power lines. The UK has an enviable wind resource for the new demand response scheme, with Scotland the windiest country in Europe

Blustery Britain brings windfall for businesses with new demand response scheme

Days when Britain's renewable energy output is at its greatest could prove to be a money-spinner for energy-intensive businesses under a new automated 'demand turn-up' service being piloted by National Grid.

The new solar project will feature 18,860 panels

Vattenfall brings ground-breaking hybrid renewables project to UK

Swedish energy firm Vattenfall will start construction on its first UK solar project later this month, the company has announced.

The Aiming High report suggests that wind power has the potential to exceed gas and other forms of energy within the next decade

Wind energy set to be Europe's largest power source by 2030

Wind energy could be the largest power supply source in the EU by 2030 as long as governments drive ambition in climate and energy policies, according to a new European Wind Energy Association report.

The ETI projected a floating turbine LCOE of £85/MWh by the mid 2020's

Floating wind turbines could be cost-competitive in 10 years, says ETI

Floating offshore wind could be a credible, cost-effective form of low-carbon energy for the UK by the mid-2020's, the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) has claimed.

The 310MW project will feature 365 wind turbines and provide almost a fifth of Kenya's installed capacity.

Google backs Africa's largest wind farm

Google has announced plans to buy a 12.5% stake in the Lake Turkana Wind Power Project in Northern Kenya - Africa's largest wind farm.

Community-owned renewables projects raised £26m last year

1.85 million Brits financing 'positive investment' market

A record 1.85 million people across the UK have invested a total of £3.6bn in ways that to create positive social and environmental impact, according to a market update from investment platform Ethex.

More than three quarters of UK households would support renewable energy projects such as wind turbines and solar farms if the profits generated benefitted the local community

Construction begins on Britain's first 'split-ownership' solar farm

The first UK solar farm to be part-owned by both community and commercial groups is now being built at Braydon Manor Farm near Swindon.

The poll revealed that 78% would support local projects within two miles of their home

UK poll reveals 'overwhelming' public support for community renewables

More than three quarters of UK households would support renewable energy projects such as wind turbines and solar farms if the profits generated benefitted the local community, a poll has found.

The UK’s installed capacity of solar energy reached 7.7GW, as well as reaching 13.4GW of wind energy

EU's five biggest energy markets add 8GW to wind and solar capacity

Europe's five biggest energy markets have added 8GW of wind and solar capacity in the first half of 2015, a new report has found.

Forewind said it was shelving the 2.4GW Dogger Bank Teesside C and D plans in order to focus on the first four projects

Dogger Bank: Plans for 2.4GW of offshore wind capacity scrapped

The giant Dogger Bank offshore wind project - scheduled to consist of six individual wind farms - will not be fully built, it has been confirmed today (7 August).

Wind power generated enough electricity for 72% of Scottish households

Windy July prompts renewable energy surge in Scotland

Wind energy generated power for almost three quarters of Scotland's houses in July, according to new figures released today (4 August).

The plans for a 50MW project fell through after changes to planning regulation

Lincolnshire wind farm falls through after Government's planning changes

Renewable energy giant Vattenfall has cancelled plans for a Lincolnshire wind farm development amid opposition from local residents.

The wind farm will provide 30MW energy capacity to the state of Rhode Island

US begins construction of landmark offshore wind farm on Atlantic coast

The US has put steel in the water for what will be the first commercial-scale offshore wind farm off the coast of Rhode Island.

The renewable energy companies say local planning changes are lacking clarity

Small-scale wind turbine developers protest changes to local planning laws

Small and medium-scale wind turbine manufacturers have written to Communities Secretary Greg Clark to protest changes to planning guidance for onshore wind turbines.

The subsea interconnector, expected to be 740km long, will allow the two countries to share surplus renewable energy

£1.5bn contracts awarded for UK-Norway interconnector

Plans to build the world's longest electricity interconnector between the UK and Norway took a step forward yesterday, with £1.5bn of contracts awarded to three energy infrastructure companies.

The Conservative UK government has announced a withdrawal of support for onshore windfarms. Denmark's windfarms have strong government backing

Wind power generates 140% of Denmark's electricity demand

Equipment currently eligible for the 5% VAT rate includes insulation, solar panels, wind turbines, heat pumps, micro combined heat and power units and wood-fuelled boilers

Businesses demand clarity on VAT rates for energy-saving equipment

Businesses from the renewables and energy efficiency sectors have written to George Osborne calling for a clear statement on whether he will change VAT rates for solar panels, insulation, and other energy-saving equipment.

On-site generation currently accounts for 14% of the UK’s energy needs and it is predicted that decentralised energy will grow by 130% or more by 2030, if given the right support by government

CBI: Onsite generation can cut bills, reduce carbon

Decentralised energy could produce nearly a third of the UK's power by 2030, according to the CBI, which has released a report designed to encourage more businesses to start producing their own energy.

Lego will establish a Sustainable Materials Centre at its headquarters in Billund, Denmark

Lego ploughs £100m into research for greener products

The world's largest toymaker is to build a new Sustainable Materials Centre in its search for more environmentally-friendly materials to be used in its products and packaging.

10 facts that will blow you away

To celebrate Global Wind Day, edie pulled together 10 fascinating facts about wind; its power and the possibilities it holds to reshape our energy systems, decarbonise our economies and boost jobs and growth.

Ikea will spend €500m on wind power, and around €100m on solar by 2020

Ikea pledges €1bn for climate action

The world's largest furniture retailer has today (4 June) pledged to spend €1bn on renewable energy and tacking climate change in the next five years.

Amber Rudd backed the transferal of some of her powers to the Oil and Gas Authority

Rudd reiterates support for UK oil and gas

New Energy Secretary Amber Rudd has praised the Tory Government's support for oil and gas set out in the Queen's Speech, insisting the fossil fuels must continue to play an essential part of the UK's energy mix over the coming decades.

IKEA Group has now committed to own and operate 314 wind turbines in nine countries and has installed 700,000 solar panels on it buildings.

Ikea reaches energy independence milestone in Scandinavia

Ikea has announced that its operations in Scandinavia are now completely energy independent, after a new wind farm in Sweden came online on Tuesday.

The UK will add 801 MW in 2015, a 1.5% drop from 2014

UK to lose offshore wind top spot to Germany

Germany will install more than 2,000 MW of offshore wind capacity in 2015, taking the UK's crown as the global installation leader.

The Beinn Ghrideag wind farm will provide enough energy to power 6,000 homes

Isle of Lewis residents look forward to renewables windfall

Residents of the Isle of Lewis can expect to bank £36m over the next 25 years thanks to Britain's largest community-owned wind farm, completed this week.

In Scotland, more than 35,000 homes and 600 business premises currently have solar PV arrays fitted

Power surge for Scottish solar

Scottish homes with solar panels saw 100% of their energy needs met by the sun during a bright April.

Trillion Fund analysed more than 300 lenders that have participated in funding wind projects through the platform which revealed a third of them to be over 61

Crowdfunding: Over-60s deemed 'champions' of renewable energy

Investment in small and medium-scale renewable energy through crowdfunding is particularly appealing to the older generation, analysis of lenders has shown.

Offshore wind power accounted for about 2.4% of wind capacity in 2014, but 10% of the O&M market

Wind turbine maintenance costs to almost double by 2020

The global maintenance expenditure on wind turbines - vital to productivity - is expected rise from $9.25bn in 2014 to $17bn in 2020.

Melbourne's Rectangle Stadium features a rainwater collection system that saves up to 500,000 gallons of water every year

Greening the game: The world's most sustainable stadiums

Sports stadiums and pitches often require vast amounts of energy, water and raw materials to maintain them, with little prior thought given to sustainability. But the vast amounts of money involved in professional sport lends itself to exciting innovations, and the stadiums are no different.

Gwynt y Môr will consist of 160 turbines and is being built by RWE Innogy UK off the North Wales coast

Triple business bonanza for UK offshore wind

The extent of the UK's booming business environment for the offshore wind industry and its supply chain have been demonstrated with three major announcements in the space of 24 hours.

If the loophole is not closed by the end of 2015, it could cost the taxpayer £400m

Feed-in frenzy: Wind industry plays down subsidy scandal

The wind industry has dismissed accusations that turbine operators helped themselves to £175m of public money through a loophole in the Government's Feed-in Tariff (FiT) subsidy.

The UK's grid-connected wind farms provided enough power for 8.7 million homes last month

UK wind power breaks all records in January

Wind energy broke new records for monthly, weekly and half-hourly electricity generation in January, providing enough energy to power almost nine million UK homes.

Germany's construction boom this year is likely to give it a major boost in the offshore wind race

Offshore wind: Political certainty needed to ensure market growth

Europe's offshore wind industry has united in a call for policymakers to provide long-term funding certainty, as new figures reveal the market slowed in 2014, will be even quieter this year and 'slump' in 2016.

Regeneration company Hayworth Estates has completed the installation of a 500KW wind turbine at a former surface mine in Derbyshire

Brownfields go green with new wind power projects

Regeneration company Hayworth Estates has completed the installation of a 500KW wind turbine at a former surface mine in Derbyshire as the first of two new restoration projects to redevelop brownfield sites into low-carbon energy projects.

UK wind power generation rose by 15% last year, but Pingree could have been more

Wind exec: Britain's subsidies among best in the world

A senior figure at one of the world's largest wind-turbine manufacturers has praised the UK Government's Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme for increasing demand in renewable energy, but says planning delays are continuing to stifle the development of more wind projects across the country.

The Fabian Society report found 57% off all UK onshore projects were rejected in 2014, with only 161 approved

Six in 10 UK onshore wind farms rejected, says report

About six out of 10 new UK onshore wind farm projects were rejected last year amid tougher planning guidelines and more applications being called in for a personal decision by the communities secretary, Eric Pickles, a report has found.

The rise in global wind power installed capacity will increase the demand for wind turbine components across the value chain

Wind power: Global investment to hit £66bn by 2020

Global investment in wind power projects will reach $101bn (£66.6bn) by the end of 2020 as capacity is expected to rise from 364.9GW in 2014 to 650.8GW by 2020 in response to increased demand.

The turbines will generate revenue from Feed-in Tariffs and the sale of electricity to the National Grid.

Opening bell for UK's largest crowd-funded wind project

UK wind specialist Earthmill has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise a record £2.5m to finance 10 new wind turbines across Britain.

The emission offset is the highest ever recorded in Scotland and a 14% increase on 2012.

Scotland green energy offsets 12m tonnes of CO2

Scotland's growing renewable energy network displaced almost 12 million tonnes of CO2 emissions in 2013, according to figures released today by UK Energy Minister Amber Rudd.

Scotland's renewable revolution sets shining example for Lima

National governments present at the Lima climate talks are being urged to "follow Scotland's lead" on wind power as new figures reveal a surge in generation last month.

New energy installations could complement food production, benefit farmers financially and help biodiversity.

UK farms hold 10GW of untapped green energy

UK farms offer 10GW of untapped renewable energy potential, and could be pivotal in creating a secure low-carbon energy system, according to a new report commissioned by the Farm Power coalition.

2013 has been a record year for investment in renewable energy electricity generation

Davey to continue renewable energy drive

Energy Secretary Ed Davey has reiterated that annual investment in renewable electricity has more than doubled this Parliament and 'is set to rise much further still'.

The wind-farm will produce enough electricity to power 200,000 homes

New transmission link to connect 75 wind turbines to UK grid

The European Investment Bank (EIB) will invest £168m in a new high-voltage transmission link between an offshore Lincolnshire wind-farm and the main UK grid.

The 485 turbines could power 1.4m homes

Scotland approves 2.2GW new offshore wind capacity

Almost 500 wind turbines spread across four offshore wind farms have received development consent from the Scottish Government, Energy Minister Fergus Ewing announced today (10 October).

The Galsworthy wind farm consists of four turbines with a capacity of 9.2MW

Ecotricity opens new wind park despite 'government support for renewables continually slashed'

Green energy company Ecotricity has completed the construction of a new £11m wind park in Devon with funding from Triodos Bank.

The world's largest furniture retailer installed 700,000 solar panels on its stores

Ikea scales up solar retail scheme

Ikea has announced it will expand sales of residential solar panels to eight new countries following a successful UK pilot.

The future of community-owned green energy projects that ministers say are crucial to break the dominance of the 'big six' is being put at risk by the Financial Conduct Authority, according to co-operatives and the Labour party

Green energy co-ops blocked by government regulator

Financial Conduct Authority accused of undermining official policy by refusing new applications for community projects.

The project received £2.6m in funding from more than 600 local investors

Energy co-op secures turbine funding from locals

An energy co-operative has been given the green light to build a wind turbine in Derbyshire having raised more than £2.6m through a successful public share offer with 600 local investors.

The Offshore Wind Accelerator program brings together nine offshore wind developers representing more than 72% of the UK's licenced capacity

Offshore Wind Accelerator programme awarded £2.2m by Scottish Government

A project aimed at cutting the cost of offshore wind by at least 10% has been awarded £2.2m by the Scottish Government.

Chris Huhne says there is no political consensus on tackling climate change

Political outlook on green issues is fractured, says Huhne

The political outlook on green issues for the UK is substantially more fractured now than it was in 2010, according to former energy secretary Chris Huhne.

SC Johnson's Pledge and Pronto bottles now use compressed air rather than LPGs in the aerosols

Making the Pledge: SC Johnson charts sustainability over time

On the 50th anniversary of SC Johnson's Europlant factory, the group's senior director for manufacturing in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Clint Filipowicz, discusses how sustainable business practices have developed to now underpin the company.

The percentage of onshore windfarms being rejected rose dramatically in the UK last year

Sharp rise in percentage of onshore windfarms being rejected

Figures show that the percentage of rejections in the UK jumped from 25-29% in 2009-12 to 41% in 2013.

In 2013, IKEA produced 1,425GWh of energy from renewable sources, equivalent to 37% of the company's total energy needs

IKEA announces largest renewable energy investment with US wind farm

IKEA has announced its largest global renewable energy investment to date, purchasing a 98 megawatt wind farm in Illinois, US.

For SC Johnson wind power has, in a number of cases, not only helped us to achieve our sustainability objectives, but has proved to be the most commercially viable

SC Johnson Q&A - mapping out renewable energy ambitions

In a world of increasingly unaffordable fossil fuels, the business case for renewable energy is undisputable. The trouble is many companies don't know where to start, which is why SB called on SC Johnson's Kelly Semrau to offer some insight into the company's renewable investment projects.

The Westermost Rough project will use Siemens' next generation 6 MW direct drive turbines

GIB invests £461m in UK offshore wind

The UK Green Investment Bank (GIB) has today announced it is investing in two UK offshore wind farms.

UK Siemens offshore manufacturing facility in Green Port Hull

Siemens and ABP invest €371m in UK offshore wind production

Manufacturing giant Siemens and its partner Associated British Ports (ABP) is investing a total of €371m (£311m) in new offshore wind production facilities in Britain.

SSE has said plans for an 81MW wind farm and the extension of a current wind farm are "no longer financially viable"

SSE withdraws plans for two onshore wind projects

SSE has withdrawn planning applications for an 81MW wind farm in Sutherland and the proposed extension to Fairburn wind farm in Glen Orrin, Ross-shire.

New aerodynamics research will lead to more efficient aircraft and wind turbines

Planes that use far less fuel and wind turbines that significantly increase energy production will be the result of a new scientific project into aerodynamics, say researchers.

The two turbines at Michelin's Dundee factory (pictured) generated more than seven million units (kWh) of electricity last year

Michelin's Dundee factory reaches renewable energy milestone

Wind turbines at Michelin's Dundee factory have produced 50 million units (kWh) of electricity since being installed in 2006, enough electricity to power more than 1,500 homes.

Ikea unveils sustainability report

IKEA increases use of FSC certified wood

Furniture giant IKEA has announced that it has increased the amount of Forest Stewardship Council(fsc)certified wood it uses.

Google invests $75m in second Texan wind farm

Google has committed to invest $75m in a 182 megawatt (MW) wind farm in Carson County, Texas.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (right) and author/presenter Robert Llewellyn are backing wind power generation in the UK

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall: Wind power vital part of our future

TV celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has backed wind power generation in the UK, calling for wind farms to be seen as "fundamentally normal".

Communities to get more say on wind turbine plans

Communities will have a greater say over wind turbine proposals and siting when the Government makes early consultation between local people and developers compulsory.

Onsite renewables, waste diversion, design innovation and packaging lightweighting have all contributed  to SC Johnson's improved sustainability performance

Innovation and investment help SC Johnson cut supply chain footprint

SC Johnson has cut its global manufacturing waste by 62% and increased its renewable energy use to 30%.

Up to 30% of wind industry employees work in construction and installation

Employment in UK's wind industry grows by 74% in three years

The number of people directly employed by the UK's wind industry has increased by 74% from 10,579 in 2010 to the current 18,465, according to a new report.

The retail giant has committed to generating as much energy as it uses by 2020

IKEA mitigates energy costs and carbon footprint with Irish acquisition

As part of plans to invest £1.5bn in renewable energy projects before 2015, IKEA has agreed the purchase of an Irish wind farm - it's first in the country.

Medium sized installations, such as solar arrays, could provide benefits to

MPs urge Government to support medium-sized renewables projects

Financial support should be made available for businesses, cooperatives, local authorities, schools and housing associations to install medium-sized renewable energy generating systems, MPs on the Energy and Climate Change Committee have said.

Europe's offshore wind industry 'facing significant challenges' despite doubling capacity

Europe has installed 277 wind turbines in the first half of 2013, adding more than 1 Gigawatt (GW) of capacity to the grid, according to the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA).

London Array's final turbine being installed in April

Prime Minister opens world's largest offshore wind farm the London Array

The World's largest offshore wind farm, The London Array, has been officially opened today by the Prime Minister, Secretary of State Edward Davey and Minister Greg Barker.

Scottish Water adds more wind power to renewables portfolio

Scottish Water has installed three small-scale wind turbines, with the capacity of 55MWh; generating approximately 80% of the power needed at its Stronsay water treatment works.

Scottish wind developers hand out £5m a year in community benefits

Voluntary community benefits paid by Scottish wind farm operators have reached £5m a year, according to a national register.

EDF Renewables completes Teeside UK offshore wind farm

The construction of EDF Renewables' Teeside offshore wind farm off the coast of Redcar has been completed.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage Image courtesy of the European Parliament

UKIP's Nigel Farage on wind farms, global warming and Charles Darwin

His political views have been criticised for being 'offensive' and controversial, so it comes as little surprise that Nigel Farage's environmental ideologies are equally unorthodox. Leigh Stringer talks to the UKIP leader about the Government's environmental strategy and his connection to Charles Darwin.

Wind turbines at Stornoway wastewater treatment works

Scottish Water applies for wind turbine consent to boost renewables portfolio

Scottish Water has submitted a planning application to install a 500 kilowatt wind turbine to help power its water treatment works at Bradan in Ayrshire.

Energy intensive industry receives Government compensation guidance

New government guidance is providing energy intensive businesses information on how to claim compensation to offset the cost of energy policy in their electricity bills.

Carbon Trust launches £2m offshore wind project to increase energy yields

The Carbon Trust today unveiled its latest wind energy research project which aims to help the industry to improve prediction accuracy, reduce financing costs and optimise wind farm layouts.

Scottish Water invests in wind power to keep energy bills down

Scottish Water has installed 10 small-scale wind turbines at its wastewater treatment works in Stornoway to help reduce energy costs.

Scottish offshore wind power gets boost with £15m funding

A £15m fund to help develop deep-water wind turbine foundations was announced by the Scottish Government this week.

Global electricity firm casts doubt over renewables future

Electricity distribution company Schneider Electric has said that in order to satisfy energy demands in the UK, the country could not rely on renewables.

London Array wind farm reaches full capacity

The World's largest offshore wind farm, the London Array, has reached its full capacity of 630MW with the commissioning of its final wind turbine.

Ecotricity 'deepens' link between renewable energy and nature with RSPB partnership

Britain's first green energy company, Ecotricity, will work with conservation charity RSPB to help protect wildlife when developing renewable energy projects.

Small wind turbines must be more efficient to 'harness potential'

A new project is underway to improve the performance of small wind turbines, which are not currently as efficient as larger wind turbines.

Aerial view of the Siemens research and development test center in Brande, Denmark

Siemens opens world's largest wind turbine test facility

Siemens Energy has broadened its scope for developing larger wind turbines by opening the world's largest research and development (R&D) test centres in Denmark.

Hard-pressed farmers harvesting renewable energy for extra income

An increasing number of struggling farmers are investing in renewable energy as an alternative source of income, according to the National Farmers' Union (NFU) and RenewableUK.

One of the wind turbines at Michelin's Ballymena factory

Michelin cuts Irish energy bill with Ecotricity wind park

Michelin is expected to save 4,146 tonnes of CO2 per year and cut its energy bills with two new wind turbines at its factory in Ballymena, Ireland.

SC Johnson's wind turbines at the Waxdale facility

SC Johnson boosts wind deployment to close gap on renewables target

SC Johnson increased its use of renewable energy to 29.9% in 2011 pushing the business closer to its 2016 target of 33%, according to its latest sustainability report.

Construction of the turbine at HMP Standford Hill on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent (courtesy of HexCam)

Kent prison unlocks renewable energy potential

A Kent prison has today unveiled its first completed wind turbine installation that will cut operating costs and further improve the prison's carbon footprint.

Artist impression of Heckington Fen wind turbines

Plans for England's 4th largest onshore wind farm approved

Plans for up to 22 wind turbines at Heckington Fen in Lincolnshire have been approved by the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change.

Siemens awarded €700m North Sea contract for 80 wind turbines

Siemens has been awarded a contract worth more than €700m (£596m) to supply, install and service 80 wind turbines for an offshore wind farm off the North Coast of Germany.

Ecotricity's Urbine

Ecotricity's 'Urbine' could transform micro wind turbine market

Green energy company Ecotricity is carrying out final tests on a micro wind turbine which it claims could be 40% more efficient than similar sized turbines on the market.

IKEA moves closer to 100% renewable energy target

IKEA has produced the equivalent of 34% of the company's total energy used in its buildings through renewable energy.

Businesses showing more interest in renewable energy generation

UK businesses are showing an increased level of interest in generating renewable energy from their own premises compared to 2011, according to new research.

Moving in with energy efficiency

The Government is tackling the UK's building emissions challenge in the residential sector through the Green Deal and ECO. But what about the non-residential side - commercial and industrial buildings in particular, asks Alex Savidis.

RenewableUK slams shorter wind turbine lifespan claims

A report claiming that the economic life of onshore wind turbines is significantly lower than previously estimated has been labelled "absurd" by RenewableUK.

Lifespan of windfarms shorter than industry projections

The economic life of onshore wind turbines is significantly lower than previously estimated and it is rarely economic to operate windfarms for more than 12 to 15 years, according to a report published today.

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