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United Kingdom

Building and facilities management services (325638-2016)

Building-cleaning services (330915-2016)

Cleaning services (327497-2016)

Educational equipment (329492-2016)

Environmental improvement works (324368-2016)

Environmental issues consultancy services (324796-2016)

Fitness equipments (325453-2016)

Office cleaning services (328940-2016)

Operation of a refuse site (329774-2016)

Repair, maintenance and associated services related to roads and other equipment (327489-2016)


Promotion of circular economy tools and policies (EU Ecolabel, EMAS, GPP, Sustainable buildings, ETV and PEF/OEF) (329336-2016)


Radioactive-, toxic-, medical- and hazardous waste services (324885-2016)


Office cleaning services (326090-2016)


Risk or hazard assessment other than for construction (324759-2016)


Analysis services (326081-2016)

Auditing services (329285-2016)

Certification services (329292-2016)

Musical instruments, sport goods, games, toys, handicraft, art materials and accessories (326068-2016)

Pest-control services (331329-2016)

Snow-clearing services (326091-2016)

Transport equipment and auxiliary products to transportation (326103-2016)

Transport services (excl. Waste transport) (326104-2016)

Urban solid-refuse collection services (331334-2016)

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