Sampling and analyses of soils and waters

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Resumé: This course instructs geotechnical engineers in the sampling, storage and subsequent analysis of soils and waters to determine the level of contaminants.

Course outline:
Since the introduction of MCERTS for the chemical testing of soils participating laboratories have had to demonstrate that they can provide accurate and precise analytical data to performance characteristics detailed in the authorising standard. This standard does not, however, offer guidance to the geotechnical engineer on either best sampling practices or the adverse consequences of incorrect sampling, storage and transportation of samples to the laboratory, scheduling and subsequent analysis

This course is designed to address such issues, which may vary greatly depending on the analyte to be determined. Other relevant and practical considerations, including contract review, communication and chain of custody documentation, will also be covered.

Who should attend?
Geotechnical engineers, Geo-environmental Scientists and anyone who needs to take samples of solids, liquids, or gases to be sent to a laboratory for analysis.

Course location:
The course takes place at Chemtest in Newmarket, Suffolk. Directions are to be found in the Contact Us section of the Chemtest website:

Session 1
9.00 – 09.30 Registration & introduction
09.30 – 10.20 Sampling, Part 1: What do you need to know from the investigation? Does the investigation cover all likely contaminants? Is the proposed method of sampling fit for purpose? A review of sampling methodologies will be presented.
10.20 – 10.30 Tea and Coffee
10.30 – 11.30 Sampling, Part 2: Sample containers, preservation, storage and transportation, the problems and pitfalls.
11.30 – 12.30 Sample Dispatch and Receipt: Documentation, chain of custody and requests for analysis. Is the requested method of analysis fit for purpose and will you receive the required limits of detection? Does the laboratory have the necessary level of accreditation for the tests requested
12.30 – 13.30 Lunch
Session 2
13.30 -14.30 Sample Analysis: A tour of the Chemtest laboratories, and pictorial presentation of the flow of a soil and water sample through a laboratory for a range of preparation and analytical techniques. A glossary of terms will be presented so Engineers can tackle the terminology used by Chemists.
14.30 – 14.45 Tea & Coffee
14.45 – 15.45 Analytical results: How to read and interpret the data
that you receive from the laboratory. Which determinands and methods overlap and interact? Do the results meet your expectations and are there any anomalies?

15.45 – 16.15 Review of the day’s course including a small practical exercise in requesting analysis and reviewing a Test Report
16.15 – 16.30 Question and answer session

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