ABB industrial drive modules for water and waste water


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Video: ABB industrial drive modules for water and waste water
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ABB ACQ810 - Anti-jam routine

Over time pump impellers used in waste water applications can become clogged or ragged, lowering pump efficiency. This can cause the pump to jam completely. ABB anti-jam routine runs the pump back and forward rapidly to clean the impeller, preventing build-up of solids on the pump.

ABB industrial drive modules

Introduction to ABB's new industrial drive modules, optimised for water and waste water pumping applications

ABB instrumentation solutions for water and municipal waste water

The ABB Aztec 600 series of analyzers and monitors are specifically designed to measure a variety of critical water and wastewater parameters including iron, magnese, ammonia, aluminium, phosphate and color. Find out how ABB's Aztec 600 series can help improve your process control, process reliability and increase your plant efficiency.

Medium voltage drives improve life cycle costs at Pumping Station

The first UK installation of a new type of medium voltage AC drive has been commissioned at Yorkshire Water's Blackburn Meadows Wastewater Treatment Works in Sheffield. Six ACS 2000 drives from ABB have replaced a DC drive system used to control a set of pumps. The multi-pump arrangement is used to transfer wastewater 25 metres below ground to the head of the treatment works. Medium voltage drives were selected instead of low voltage drives due to the long cable lengths and overall project costs including the electrical distribution system, variable-speed drives and motors.

Introduction to ABB drives in water

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