Flowline Manufacturing Ltd


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Flowline Manufacturing Ltd

Video: Flowline Manufacturing Ltd
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Weholite Flow, The Noble Art Of Manufacturing

Asset International, the UKs leading manufacturer of Weholite large diameter plastic pipes, has just unveiled its new promotional video, 'Flow... the noble art of manufacturing', which gives viewers a glimpse into life at the company's impressive production facilities in South Wales.

Tetronics Ltd

Tetronics Ltd is a global leader in the supply of Direct Current Plasma Arc systems for a wide range of applications including: Waste Recovery, Hazardous Waste Treatment and Metal Recovery. Tetronics' capabilities encompass everything from initial testing of the process material, through to design, supply, installation, commissioning and on-going support of full commercial plants. Our patented Plasma technology enables the recovery of valuable resources from waste that can be reused in manufacturing processes in a sustainable "closed loop model" thereby ensuring security of supply of key resources; or, the recovered material can be sold to achieve additional revenue streams. Companies can rest assured that by using Tetronics' plasma systems they can 'future proof' their waste management practices, particularly when compared to the escalating cost and unknown future availability of the alternatives. So how do we do it? Our sustainable "green" alternative for waste management uses ultra-high temperatures and functional light to melt, gasify or vaporise any waste material, in order to treat, recover or generate valuable commercial products. Our technology has been tried and tested over five decades and is being used globally in more than 40[forty]plants across a wide and varied range of applications. It is clear that plasma will be an essential component of future sustainable waste management.

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