Introduction to ABB drives in water


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Video: Introduction to ABB drives in water
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Leixlip Water Treatment Works saves 500,000 a year with ABB drives

Leixlip Water Treatment Plant is saving over 500,000 a year on its pumping costs thanks to the installation of ABB variable speed drives. The Leixlip Water Treatment Works in Co. Kildare is the second largest water treatment facility in Ireland. With a capacity of 175,000 m3 a day, it supplies over 30 percent of the drinking water requirements of the Greater Dublin Region, serving Fingal, Kildare and the northern part of Dublin City.

ABB ACQ810 - Level control

Prevents sediment build-up by randomly varying the surface level within a preset range. Using ABB drives' level control, tank and pipes can be kept clean using a "flush effect" which rapidly pumps water through the tank and pipes. Level control eliminates the need for a control valve, bypassing piping and the subsequent energy losses. The level of the water tank can be controlled using PI control to maintain smooth but accurate level control with one or several pumps running in parallel.

Introduction to ABB drives in water

Presentation explaining the key benefits of using ABB's low voltage AC drives for water and wastewater treatment applications

ABB ACQ810 - Pump protection

Pump protection, built within ABB drives, helps to prevent damage to pumping systems by identifying any abnormality within a water process. For example, if the flow is too low or too high or a pump has stalled or risks cavitation, then the drive will automatically raise an alarm to limit the risk.

ABB industrial drive modules for water and waste water

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