Cemfree contains up to 60% lower embedded carbon than concrete

Anglian Water eyes low-carbon concrete as building block of sustainable transition

Anglian Water has become the first water company to trial a new environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional concrete.

The Scottish Parliament will also be an official Resource Efficiency Pledge Ambassador

Holyrood joins Scotland's resource efficiency drive

The Scottish Parliament has become the latest organisation to sign up to a national resource efficiency campaign in Scotland.

Sir Philip Dilley steps down as Environment Agency chairman with immediate effect

Environment Agency chairman resigns after heavy criticism

Environment Agency (EA) chairman Sir Philip Dilley has today (11 January) stepped down from his post, after being heavily criticised for being on holiday in Barbados while severe flooding affected much of the country.

While funding remains steady, the wave and tidal energy sector is being hit with substantial monitoring and assessment costs

REA: EU policy 'detrimental' to UK wave and tidal sector

Britain's wave and tidal energy sector is shackled by "detrimental" regulatory burdens that continue to inhibit industry growth, the Renewable Energy Association's (REA) Ocean Energy Group has claimed.

Intelligent Energy has developed the non-intrusive cells to enable consumers to become 'producers of energy'

Modular hydrogen fuel cells could provide week-long battery life for smartphones

A UK energy technology company has used the spotlight of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2016) in Las Vegas to unveil a number of prototype mobile devices with extended battery life through hydrogen-powered modular fuel cells.

Truss announced that Defra is reshaping itself to help Britain be a global leader in farming

Re-shaped Defra vows to make Britain a global leader in farming

Environment Secretary Liz Truss has today (6 January) vowed to make Britain a global leader in sustainable farming by announcing improved flood defences, increased agricultural investment and greater risk-response capabilities as part of a shake-up for the Department for Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

In the US, 41% of all freshwater withdrawals are for thermoelectric cooling

Water shortages threaten future global power supply

More than 60% of the world's power stations could have their output affected by climate change-related water shortages, according to a new study published in the Nature Climate Change journal.

Waterscan's system is the first of its kind to be approved by the Regulation and Supervision Bureau for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Premier Inn slashes water use by 24%

An innovative greywater recycling systems has helped one of Whitbread's newest hotels reduce water use by nearly a quarter in one of the world's highest water consuming countries.

The system cut daily water consumption in the hotel kitchens from 6,177 litres to 513 litres

Marriott nets huge water savings with new kitchen tech

The London Heathrow Marriott hotel has successfully trialled a new pot-washing technology in its kitchens that has cut water use by almost 92% - potentially saving around two million litres of water a year.

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Unexpected pollution incidents an lead to significant fines and a substantial bill for environmental remediation

Environmental pollution - is your business watertight?

Business owners and site managers need to ensure that their facilities are protected from water pollution and flooding. How will spill containment systems work in a real-life emergency? Would regulatory authorities be satisfied that containment systems are effective? David Cole from Hydro Consultancy finds out.

193 world leaders will commit to 17 Sustainable Development Goals on 25 September 2015

Sustainable Development Goals: The role of business

The excitement around the launch of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has reached stratospheric levels. The Pope and even Beyoncé are on board. The next 15 years will require a massive effort to deliver the goals - not least by companies that are expected to play a central role in delivery.

Gamification is the concept of using a game or activity to educate and engage people to do something they might not otherwise do

Game on: How gamification is bringing sustainability to the masses

How can a business motivate its customers and employees to become more sustainable whilst entertaining them? The answer: gamification.

Why do so many people work so hard just to build up the funds to quit?

For the seventh part of our series with Ashridge Business School, Chris Nichols delves into 'Reinventing Work'; asking why people stay in jobs that make them unhappy, and explaining how the Ashridge MSc in Sustainability & Responsibility can help.

California's four-year drought has seen water levels reach historic lows

Golden State: How California is surviving its worst drought in history

California remains in the claws of the longest drought in the state's history, placing unprecedented strain on the its water supplies. But could the scramble to save water actually help the state in the long run?

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