ABB adds WITS to AquaMaster 3 flowmeter

ABB has launched another world first, with the introduction of its AquaMaster 3 flowmeter offering near real-time flowrate and pressure data with advanced device-level intelligence in water distribution applications. Quad band GPRS radio technology ensures reliable, low cost connectivity in virtually all remote locations.

ABB adds WITS to AquaMaster 3 flowmeter

Offering access to a raft of operational and maintenance data, including advanced diagnostics, the AquaMaster 3 with Water Industry Telemetry Standard (WITS) DNP3 based open protocol promises to completely transform the way that water network operators manage their assets. 

Based on tried and tested network technology originally designed for process automation in electrical utility applications, WITS DNP3 enables communication between different types of data acquisition and control equipment.

Using the AquaMaster 3 with WITS, users can now download a high speed, high resolution log to investigate any water network anomalies in conjunction with detection methods such as step testing, burst / pressure transients or night-line monitoring.

All data on specific events is time-stamped, with metadata tags providing detailed information about measured data and events, including details about the moments leading up to the event. Where a critical event occurs, reports are immediately generated and sent to enable quick action to be taken. 

AquaMaster 3 supports WITS advanced alarm profile functionality, enabling users to set different alarm limits depending on the time of day and day of the week. This powerful feature enables setting  tight alarm limits on nightline flows, whilst supporting peak morning and evening draws. Separate profiles can be configured for weekdays and weekends.”

This same level of intelligence also extends to the AquaMaster 3 itself. DNP3 enables remote access to a wide range of data including diagnostics and configuration changes. Any problems such as power management issues, sensor coil damage or damage to the sensor cable caused by third parties can be quickly identified, together with the time those issues occurred and the exact location of the affected device.

In this way, the need for engineers to physically visit devices is eliminated. Instead, users will be able to use the diagnostic data to ensure that engineers are only deployed when and where necessary.

Further maintenance savings can also be achieved by the AquaMaster 3’s over-the-air programming feature. This enables the flowmeter transmitter to be remotely upgraded, enabling new versions of software to be uploaded without having to visit the unit.

The inclusion of WITS is just one of a long list of features that have made the AquaMaster 3 one of the leading flowmeters for use in water distribution networks throughout the UK. Other features include a choice of mains, battery and renewable power options, with the flowmeter able to draw power from either solar or wind-powered energy sources.

Installing the AquaMaster 3 is made simple by its use of ABB’s ‘fit and flow’ intelligent installation technology. With this technology, all aspects of an installation are stored within the sensor, including the site settings, calibration factors and any serial numbers usually required during installation, maintenance or replacement. When connected to a transmitter, all of this information is automatically uploaded from the sensor, greatly simplifying the installation and commissioning process. 

As a further assurance of a robust metering regime and lifelong accuracy, ABB also offers users its CalMaster2 in-situ verification service for the AquaMaster 3. Performed by an ABB service engineer, this service verifies a meter’s current operational status and also predicts any potential future faults. Users are issued with traditional calibration verification certificate complete with an uncertainty statement. 

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