New ABB white paper tackles key water leakage issues

A new white paper is now available from ABB, explaining the key issues underlying water leakage and how it can be managed using the latest flowmetering technology.

New ABB white paper tackles key water leakage issues

The white paper first defines water leakage and details its various causes, before establishing the consequences facing water companies for failing to meet set leakage targets, such as profitability; damaged reputation; and reduced resources.

It then explains the concept of District Metering Areas (DMAs) and how these are being effectively used in leak management programmes to drive down leakage in networks that had received little or no previous detection work.

The white paper shows the benefits of electromagnetic over mechanical flowmeters for increased flow accuracy, long-term reliability and in-situ verification. It then details the key features of the ABB AquaMaster3 and how it can be successfully deployed into a DMA system.

Available in pdf format, the white paper provides a case study where a consortium of Severn Trent Services and Costain used ABB electromagnetic flowmeters to meet strict government sustainability targets 11 years ahead of schedule.

Written by ABB's engineers, the white paper is aimed at anyone involved in leakage management. Copies of the white paper are available on request. For a copy please email or call 0870 600 6122 ref: Leakage White Paper.

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