Expert Bioaerosol Monitoring From Ambient and Stack Sources

Envirocare are able to offer complete Bioaerosol Monitoring and analysis services from both captured (stack) and uncaptured (ambient) sources.

Envirocare are one of only a handful of consultancies that are able to offer ISO 17025 and MCERTS accreditation to the Environment Agency's Standard Reference Method (VDI 4257 Blatt 2) for their monitoring service.

What Is A Bioaerosol?
A bioaerosol (short for biological aerosol) is a suspension of airborne particles usually measuring less than 20 microns in diameter that contain living organisms or were released from living organisms. Typically consisting of bacteria, fungi, pollen and mycotoxins, these living organisms, under favourable conditions can perform basic metabolic activities and can survive in the airstream.

Why Bioaerosol Monitoring Is Important
Exposures to bioaerosols in the environment are associated with a wide range of health effects including infectious diseases, allergies and even cancer. Whilst it is important to note that we are all exposed to bioaerosols on a continuous basis, under most environments we are at a very low risk to their effects. Within certain environments however, exposure to bioaerosols is significantly greater and often sufficient to warrant further investigation.

Composting facilities for example, where microbiological activity is fundamentally important are a perfect example. With composting of organic waste being an increasingly important strategy in waste management policy, the number of people potentially exposed to increased levels of bioaerosols is increasing. This may be directly, at composting facilities or indirectly including those living or working near to such facilities.

Why Do You Need Bioaerosol Monitoring?
Potential harmful effects of bioaerosol emissions and odour problems are a concern and in recent years the Environment Agency, Local Authorities & the Health & Safety Executive have taken a keen interest in the subject which has in turn led to more substantive bioaerosol monitoring and analysis.

Bioaerosol Monitoring is an extremely sensitive and intricate exercise. With the potential for contamination and invalid results being so high, it is imperative that the monitoring is undertaken by suitably qualified and experienced technicians.

Experts In Bioaerosol Monitoring

For more information on Bioaerosol Monitoring please visit the Envirocare website. Envirocare can assure you of the highest possible level of service around. Our knowledgeable technicians have gained extensive experience in the field of Bioaerosol Monitoring and currently service several high profile customers in the waste and recycling industries. Call us on 01274 738668 or fill out our Envirocare Enquiry Form for any queries regarding the monitoring, testing and analysis of Bioaerosols or if you feel that you could benefit from our services in this field.

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