Water & Wastewater Treatment for a Printed Circuit Manufacturer

This is one of many examples of old-established clients placing another Contract with H+E

Water & Wastewater Treatment for a Printed Circuit Manufacturer

H+E has been a leading international supplier of industrial process and wastewater treatment systems for many years, with a long-standing reputation for both innovation and very high quality.

We believe that this, combined with the long-term technical support and service we provide to many of our past clients, is of great importance to our clients. After all, if your wastewater treatment plant does not work properly, you stand a real risk of having to stop production until the problem is solved!

Over the years, we have received a great many repeat orders from our clients, which we believe demonstrates quite clearly the relationship of both trust and respect that we have with them.

One of the most recent examples of this is a repeat order for the construction of a complete process water and wastewater treatment plant from a leading PCB manufacturer.

The overall plant comprises both an ion exchange deionisation facility and a treatment plant for wastewater of various types.

In addition to the trust that exists between the companies, H+E was able to clearly demonstrate a proven treatment concept that addresses the client's current and future needs.

The very clear goal of this is to increase the flexibility, cost-effectiveness and availability of the plant. For example, the opportunities for resource recovery have been improved, in order to both reduce operating cost and, at the same time reduce the environmental impact of the plant.

If you have similar goals, we would be interested to hear what your aims are and how we can assist you to meet your targets.

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