Energy and carbon strategy

EEF's carbon and energy strategy services will help you set out a framework for energy management. Their experts will work with you on a comprehensive evaluation of your energy use and reduction opportunities. From the journey of vision to implementation, we work with you using the Plan - Do - Check - Act management method to set out an energy management framework and develop a deliverable energy strategy that is appropriate and bespoke to you.

Energy and carbon strategy

How we can help

We can provide a complete support package or support you at the various stages of your journey including:

    • Undertaking a strategic energy review and then developing and writing your carbon and energy strategy whilst leading on or assisting in its deliverable implementation
    • Review of energy tariff rates, collection of energy consumption data and analysis to develop an annual energy consumption baseline
    • Objectives and targets setting and developing an action plan for energy and financial savings based on no cost, lower cost and higher cost measures with cost/benefit analysis business cases provided for each recommendation
    • Project management of measures to be implemented
    • Monitoring systems in place to help you measure your success in financial, energy and carbon savings against your baseline, year on year
    • Support with review reporting and working with senior management to ensure company commitment if further action required
  • Training for senior management and staff in behaviour change and energy management and broader environmental management 


Events, training, webinars

  • The one-day IEMA environmental awareness training course helps empower green champions and environmental managers.
  • The five-day NEBOSH certificate in environmental management helps environmental managers oversee the myriad of initiatives they oversee in the workplace.
  • We offer a variety of HSCE events and training courses for everyone from environmental managers to executives.
  • Those with an interest in implementing sustainability at their organisation should understand the risks - hear more in this free webinar.
  • How can ISO14001:2015 lead to important benefits, such as energy efficiency? Watch this webinar to find out.

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