Calculate heat pump efficiency

Create a persuasive argument for a preventive replacement - with the new Wilo-LCC-Check.

Calculate heat pump efficiency

Calculate the advantages immediately.

Use the Wilo-LCC-Check to calculate the efficiency of your customer's heating pumps and select the best pump for them. The easy-to-understand, convincing result is documented immediately in a database.

Present the cost comparison between further use of the current pump and the situation after the specially-coordinated replacement with a Wilo high-efficiency pump quickly and competently. By specifying the amortisation time, you can give your customer a firm basis on which to make their decision on pump replacement.

The Wilo-LCC-Check recommends the Wilo highefficiency pump with the lowest electricity consumption to best suit your customer's system.

You receive three versions of the pump recommendation:

' Economic assessment presented as a bar chart

'Cost schedule with amortisation time according to pump price

'Pump evaluation with energy requirements, energy cost, economic assessment and CO2 emissions (through electricity consumption) presented as a bar chart

The Wilo-LCC-Check is available online:

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