Cat 5 Booster Sets from Wilo - WRAS Approved

Wilo has launched its new CAT5 Booster set into the marketplace. Since 1999 it has been illegal for commercial organisations to put a hosepipe directly on to a tap to wash down machinery or a vehicle. It is essential to incorporate a backflow prevention device to ensure no back flow and syphonage leading to contamination of the potable water supply by bacteria returning up the hose pipe into the mains water supply.

Cat 5 Booster Sets from Wilo - WRAS Approved

The new Wilo CAT5 booster set incorporates a 115 litre polypropylene break tank which is supplied complete with a WRAS approved AB air gap. The overflow and weir are screened to enable connection to hygienic systems.

Applications for this equipment include such uses as no domestic hose union taps, bin and vehicle washdown, garden irrigation, laboratories, mortuary and embalming equipment, butchery and slaughter-house equipment.

The units are supplied with either a single fixed speed pump or a variable speed pump as specified. The single speed sets are controlled via a pressure switch, DOL motor starter and a run on timer, whilst the variable speed sets  are controlled via a pressure transducer and motor mounted inverter.

All come complete with a non-return valve, pressure gauge, 8 litre vessel and outlet isolation valve and a tank draincock. The water level in the break tank is controlled via a BS1212 equilibrium float valve which provides a flow rate of 1.2l/s at a minimum inlet pressure of 1 bar. Low level protection is provided via a side mounted float switch.

The booster set monitors the system pressure and as demand increases the pressure will fall and the pump will start and continue to run, until demand has stopped and pressure increases to the set point. The fixed speed booster sets have a run on timer that overrides the pressure switch for a set period to minimise the number of starts per hour.

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