Wilo-Comfort-Vario COR-MHI/VR Single Phase Variable Speed Booster Sets

The WILO Comfort-Vario series of single phase cold water booster sets are particularly suitable for usewherever small quantities require to be delivered at modest pressures.

Wilo-Comfort-Vario COR-MHI/VR Single Phase Variable Speed Booster Sets

VR applications


Large dwellings - Small apartment blocks

Hotels - Hospitals - Clinics

Leisure complexes - Caravan sites

Light industrial applications


All units are fully automatic selfcontained pump sets designed to provide reliable water supplies. The sets are quiet running, making them suitable for use in hotels and hospitals. The control systems are based on proven electronic technology giving reliability and simple on site adjustment. Sets aremanufactured with either two or three pumps operating as duty-standby, duty-assist, duty-assist-standby and duty-assist-assist. The pumps, pipes and controls are carefully arranged on a steel base frame to ensure that floor spaced used isminimal, yetmaintenance is easily undertaken.

Operational Cycle:

The configuration of the pumps can be chosen to suit the specific application: Duty-Standby or Duty-Assist. System pressure is maintained by a hydraulic accumulator and monitored by pressure a sensor, keeping the system ready for instant draw off.When demand causes pressure to drop the duty pump starts, and will ramp up in speed to match the system demand. The pump will continue to run, varying its speed to match the varying demand of the system. If the demand exceeds capacity of duty pump the assist pump(s) will ramp up in speed ensuring duty point is maintained. When the system demand reduces to zero, the pumps will ramp down until they stop. If the duty pump should fail, the standby will start and run until pressure is restored. The Duty pump is rotated between all pumps after each operational cycle to ensure even wear.


Pumps: Horizontal multi stage design of stainless steel construction, WRC


Motor: Totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC), IP54, class F, 230 volts, three

phase, direct on line (DOL) starting via panel mounted inverter.

Inverter: Each pump has a dedicated panel mounted inveter, giving maximum

reliability and flexibility. The inverters typically employed are panel mounted 6 pulse PWM type inverter.

Pipe Work: Stainless steel 14571, sized in accordance with the overall hydraulic performance of the unit. Valves: DVGWcertificated nickel-plated isolation and non-return valves.

Pressure Sensor: Heavy duty piezoresistive type transducers (4-20ma).

Accumulator: 1 x 8 litreMWP 16 bar,WRc approved c/w through flow shutoff valve for testing and draining.

Control Panel: VR-230V central control unit of fully electronic modular design for automatic control of amaximumof 3 parallel pumps, which contain integrated frequency converters for the speed control. Sheet steel enclosure, IP54 protection class, with door interlocked isolator, LC display, access to operation control parameters via a single dial/pushbutton.


Max working 10 Bar


Voltage: 230V/1PH/50Hz

Protection Index: IP54

EMC Compliance: EN61000-6-2/3

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