AD biogas leak found in minutes during demo

A Geotech field demo of its portable laser methane leak detector at an AD biogas plant was an immediate success.

Geotech portable methane / biogas Inspectra® Laser leak detector: CH4 at 1ppm to 100%

Of the Inspectra® Laser, Shaun Cherry at Fernbrook Bio said: "Very good piece of equipment and very easy to use. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Detected two leaks that were traced within two minutes and these were the only ones on the plant, without this equipment these would have gone unnoticed. A must for anyone associated with biogas plant building. Well worth using for peace of mind."

This shows how natural gas pipeline network operators can get help with one of their most difficult tasks: accurately, promptly and safely detecting leaks and during network leak surveillance. The equipment offers portable laser detection of methane (CH4) at levels as low as one part per million. It is easy to carry and for one person to use on foot.

Users of the Inspectra® Laser are likely to be involved with natural gas networks, landfill gas surface emission checking, biogas feeds to CHP engines, momentary methane leak detection and sewerage pipe methane detection. Manufactured in France by Gazomat™ the Inspectra® Laser is available in the UK from Geotech and in the USA from Geotech parent, Landtec.

Until now the entire field detection process including leak detection, location and quantification called for several devices. That changes with the laser gas analysis cell in the Inspectra® Laser which can do all those tasks at the same time by analysing methane gas from 1 ppm to 100 percent gas volume.

It is lighter and more convenient for the operator. Moreover, the tunable laser diode which assists in detecting only CH4, with instant response times, is unaffected by other hydrocarbon, achieving a high accuracy with CH4 leaks. ATEX certified it can be used in potentially explosive outdoor and enclosed hazardous areas.

The instrument makes it possible to detect methane leaks and their location with precision and can replace FID equipment. This is attractive because FID (Flame Ionisation Detector) equipment requires cylinders of hydrogen to fuel the monitoring equipment. FIDs also require a lit flame in the monitoring apparatus which means FIDs cannot easily be ATEX certified and they have to be kept upright during operation to prevent extinguishing the flame.

With high selectivity and a high sensitivity to methane at ppm levels the Inspectra® Laser reliably uses the latest laser spectroscopy technology to offer exceptional performance from a portable analyser for professional gas technicians.

An impressive list of specification features and user benefits includes; automatic self-test at start up, a wide backlit LCD screen and alarm indicators which are visual and audible.

The Inspectra® Laser is supplied with carry case, sampling rod and all necessary filters. It delivers exceptional operation economics with low maintenance which means reduced total cost of ownership, its high accuracy reduces the need for laboratory samples and fast response times make good use of expensive operator time.

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