Optimise biogas-to-cash at EBEC

Optimise biogas-to-cash at EBEC. Geotech set to help and offers advice to visitors.

At EBEC, Geotech will be showing visitors methods and technology to help avoid unplanned CHP downtime, to maximise AD biogas production and CHP engine output. That includes finding and stopping expensive biogas leaks which can breach planning and operating licences.

Recent calculations show just one day's unplanned CHP downtime could have been avoided and would have paid for a Geotech Biogas Check portable gas analyser. Two days down time more than pays for a Geotech user-installed GA3000 automatic static gas analyser.

Protect against unpredictable gas quality

Different feedstocks may all produce methane of a quality suitable for energy generation, but AD operators are increasingly aware that fluctuations in methane levels can have a dramatic impact on CHP function. A sudden drop in methane content or a high hydrogen sulphide level can cause the 'double whammy' of engine damage and unscheduled downtime, costing tens of thousands of pounds each time and potentially paying for a fixed monitoring system through a single incident.

AD plants taking a non-consistent feedstock, such as food waste, are more likely to see variation in gas concentrations than plants taking a consistent supply of farm waste or energy crops. Variations could be more likely if multiple digesters are feeding gas into the same CHP and taking different feedstock inputs. If H2S levels vary significantly and increase beyond the specification of the CHP, engine damage can occur and warranties can be invalidated. Each Geotech gas analyser can play a vital role in achieving zero or minimum CHP downtime and maximising biogas output.

Avoiding biogas loss is also important. The Geotech TDL-500 laser-diode leak finder helps find biogas leaks in seconds. That can assist safety, stop valuable biogas waste and help maintain compliance.

Geotech advisers will be on hand with practical on-site experience and advice to discuss solutions with visitors to Stand D18 at EBEC.

EBEC is at Stoneleigh Park, near Coventry, 5-6 October 2011 see: www.ebec.co.uk

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