Continuous Biogas Monitoring - process control

Designed for continuous gas analysis applications, the Geotech AEMS (Automated Extraction Monitoring System) operates remotely to provide accurate gas readings and data collection for biogas project monitoring.

Continuous Biogas Monitoring - process control


Offering a total solution in biogas process monitoring with analysis of methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen sulphide, and other parameters, the AEMS provides a reliable and robust solution which is able to provide data the client from any location globally, and requires minimal maintenance.  Data can also be collected from other measurement devices such as pH probes and temperature sensors.


Field proven in biogas applications including anaerobic digestion, waste water treatment, and sludge digestion, the AEMS offers flexibility to suit specific project requirements.


Data can be transmitted remotely and/or output to local control systems, allowing the AEMS to function as a remote biogas process control solution via interface with onsite devices.

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