Mobile Rental Units

We operate a fleet of up-to-date mobile sludge dewatering systems, offering short and long term rental options to clients.

This product listing page has now expired, for more information please contact MSE Hiller Limited

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Smoke and Grease Reduction in Commercial Kitchen Extraction SystemsThe AAC ESP Electrostatic Precipitator is designed to effectively reduce smoke and grease in commercial kitchen extraction systems.
Odour Control Filters for Commercial Kitchen Extraction SystemsAt AAC Eurovent, we design, manufacture and supply standard and bespoke Odour Control Filters for Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems
The AAC 2-Pass Swiftpack System for High-Performance Odour Control in Waste Recycling and Waste Transfer StationsThe AAC 2-Pass Swiftpack System is a bespoke carbon filter system designed to reduce odour and dust in Waste Recycling and Waste Transfer Stations.
Passive Vents for Effective Odour Control and VOC Abatement in Sewage Processes and Digestion TanksAAC Eurovent offer a full range of refillable Passive Vents designed to efficiently control Odour and VOC levels in the vent gases arising from sewerage processes and digestion tanks.

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