Screw Compactors & Grinders

MSE Hiller offer high quality MAS screw compacting filters and grinders from Smicon BV.

Screw Compactors & Grinders

These machines are suitable for the shredding, grinding and dewatering of all kinds of process flows such as vegetable peel wastes, AD wastes, animal slurries / manures, MSW dewatering, paper, meat, farm yard wastes etc.

They can be supplied as fixed or mobile units. The MAS Screw compacting screens are supplied with a choice of 2 different types of standard filters.  Sizes range from 135 µm to 1140 µm.

With a 2.2kW fixed drive unit capacities from 1 to 100 m3/hr can be processed (depending upon the solids concentration of the feed).

A full range of shredders and grinders are available for particle size reduction and separation / washing systems. Eg the depackaging and plastics removal from food wastes.

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