Are you using submersible pumps?

If you are using submersible pumps you may be exposing your process to cost, risk and hassle

Are you using submersible pumps?

Installing a submersible pump involves not only the cost of a pump, but also the necessary infrastructure to handle and power the unit.
Extra purchases include guide rails for the raising and lowering of the pump, the crane lifting device, cabling and sealing of the power supply, lifting and harness provisions for lowering workers and installation of pipe work with a rising main.
In addition to the necessary structures and devices to operate a submersible pump is the requirement to maintain and certify devices, often annually. All staff must be trained to operate the equipment and also attend confined space training, often every 3 years.
Often, the initial cost of the submersible pump carries a premium due to the nature of the build e.g. sealing and power risks. The repair and overhaul for this category of pump will also carry a premium due to the resealing tasks. Due to the nature of the pump being in liquid, more >>> 

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