Do you have problems pumping sludges and slurries?

Verder UK have a range of pumping solutions for all sludge and slurry types

Do you have problems pumping sludges and slurries?

Sludges and slurries are difficult to pump media due to abrasive and often corrosive nature of the fluid. In addition to the aggressive characteristics of sludge and slurry, the fluid can often be expensive to pump as it's viscous nature can result in pumps being inefficient and having a high cost of spares for worn parts and mechanisms.

Verder UK can offer pumps and pumping solutions for

Rotor-chopped organic matter
Fluids containing fibres and rags
Abrasive and chemically aggressive mixes

With a range of options, Verder UK can provide the ideal solution in terms of energy efficiency, flow rate, working principle and life cycle cost.

Pump types suitable for these jobs include the Verderhus pump which uses a very large screw-type impeller to allow fluids containing solids to pumped with exceptional efficiency to assist with long-term cost reductions in energy.

The Verderflex peristaltic range is well established in moving viscous slurries. With only one wearing part (the hose or tube) it is a very cost effective method of moving slurry or sludge. The mechanism can be easily reversed to unblock and rags or solids. The pump is self contained in the event of failure. The pump is also self-priming and can be rotated for any installation.

The Verderair AODD range is portable, flexible and simple to operate. Slurries can be easily pumped with a large range of compatible materials, particular for corrosive and aggressive slurry-types.

The Verderpro progressive cavity range is suitable for very high viscosity slurries and sludges as well as high pressures and flow rates which many other pumps can not pump efficiently or cost-effectively.

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