Peristaltic pump - dosing of lime slurry

The Water Research Centre (WRc), a leading global consultancy providing services to the water, wastewater and environmental industries, needed a pump that would provide an accurate and repeatable recirculation rate in order to carry out settlement tests with lime slurries of 5, 10 and 15% w/w concentration.


They approached Verder who, after careful consideration, recommended the VF32 pump: this pump range is used extensively in the dosing of lime slurry and has proved itself an excellent solution to this often difficult and messy problem. The Verderflex range provides accurate dosing as well as having the ability to handle solids and run dry. Its hose is proven to give a long life thus reducing maintenance and lifetime costs.

The tests were undertaken as part of a WRc Portfolio research project and were successful in identifying slurry velocities that prevent solids settlement. The WRc found the pump was reliable, and provided the accurate pumping rates required for the tests.

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