Improve recycling rates with Amberol

Most people now recycle regularly in the home, but how many have established the habit of recycling litter when they are out and about?

Part of the problem is a lack of opportunity. Many regions still lack a cohesive on-the-go recycling policy and too few public places are well served by recycling facilities. Councils and local authorities also need to look at ways of educating and encouraging people to recycle in shopping centres, parks and on the streets.
At Amberol, as manufacturers of a range of outdoor and indoor recycling bins, we have carried out extensive research into the importance of location and design, as well as looking at examples of good practice. All this knowledge has been incorporated into our WRAP approved products to help customers improve their on-the-go recycling rates.
Here are our three top tips to help improve recycling rates:
1.Carry out a comprehensive litter audit. Look at what you are currently doing and the facilities you provide. Identify any litter 'hotspots' and use this information to draw up a practical strategy.

2.Invest in the right bins. Good design, fitness for purpose and flexibility are all important here. A well-designed bin reduces the contamination of waste, so factors such as aperture shape and size and partitioning need to be considered. For example, our Dual Bins have two colour coded sections to ensure that people deposit their litter in the appropriate slot. The recycling section has a circular aperture to encourage the recycling of cylindrical items such as bottles and cans, intersected by a horizontal slot, making it easy to deposit newspapers and magazines.

3.Clear branding and signage will make it clearer to people what they recycle and where. Use colour coding to attract attention and to reinforce recycling behaviour, ensuring that people know what materials they can recycle and where. The WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) resource library has downloadable templates and signs as well as lots of useful advice. Visit for more information.

With the right facilities, people will change their behaviour and recycle when they are on the go - so it's up to us to ensure that we provide them.

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