Amberol Clearway Slim Bin

A good size bin for both recycling and general waste, that will not protrude onto the pavement.

Amberol Clearway Slim Bin

The Slim Bin is for Slim places, they can be securely fixed to railingsor walls - ideal for major population centres, allowing pedestrians, wheel chair users, prams and even street sweepers to pass by safely with the minimum of inconvenience.

The Slim Bin can be used indoors and is ideal for use alongside vending machines, watercoolers, or in reception areas and public foyers. Available in a range of colours, the Slim Bin can be customised to your requirements.

With a flat back and tall stature, the Slim Bin does not compromise on volume. It can be used as a standard bin or in banks for recycling. A side hinged door with three point shoot bolt locking system, the unit is secure yet practical to access. The wheeled internal liner pulls out to empty quickly and efficiently.


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