Grit Bin

Popular market driven products for very specific functions that help to provide clean and safe environments for everyone.Large 250 litre Grit bin

Grit Bin

Large, robust, double skinned container and double skinned lid. The front panel can be cut away to creat a shovel access for grit dispersa.

Standard Amberol Features

• Hinged opening bins are provided with secure slam lock and
key for added security
• One free, fire retardant inner liner is supplied with each bin
• Made with recyclable polyethylene, bins are virtually
maintenance free and are carbon friendly
• Optional Bin Keeper secures bin to the ground (see page 42)
• Available in 18 standard colours (see colour chart page 43)
• Optional custom branding for personalisation and sponsorship
Please note, whilst every effort has been made to be accurate,
capacities may vary slightly. All Amberol bins are robust and long
lasting. They are made from recyclable roto-moulded polyethylene and
can be used indoors or out.

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