Gum & Cigarette Bin

Whether we like it or not, the new smoking ban is coming into effect in England in July 2007. People will no longer be able to smoke in public buildings and in some case, such as hospitals, not even on public property.

Gum & Cigarette Bin

Anticipating the situation, Amberol has designed the innovative, new Gum & Ciggy Bin for public buildings and other no smoking environments. It is a discrete wall or post mounted container clearly labelled for the disposal of cigarettes and gum.

No more Yukky steps, pavements and walkways! Two units in one, the top half has an integral cigarette stubber and an aperture to receive disposed of cigarettes safely into a fire retardant liner. The bottom part with separate aperture contains a disposable paper liner for gum. Side hinged with slam lock, the unit can be quickly and easily emptied.

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