Talking Litter Bins

There has been much interest recently in finding a Litter Bin that can talk. It attracts the attention of the person placing waste in the receptacle, and offers a message. It could be a simple message just to thank the person for using the Litter Bin, or as an advertising slogan for a branded bin.

Talking Litter Bins

Taking this a stage further Amberol Limited have developed the ‘Amberol Animals’ which are designed especially for children of all ages. Their friendly features encourage children to treat them as ‘the Pal in the Playground’. The addition of a voice rewards the child with a suitable message when feeding the ‘Animal’, this encourages them to find more litter to place in the Litter Bin, ensuring that youngsters of today become responsible adults in the future.

The Animal bins are a range of bears and a Panda, a Penguin, Chick, Robin and Parrot. All bins have a 90 litre capacity, although the bear can be increased to 180 litres with a recycling point at the rear. They have been designed for use in schools, hospitals, leisure centres, play areas and can be used in many other locations.

Amberol also produce a range of standard street litter bins and recycling bins with capacities from 50-150 litres, these may also incorporate a voice.

All bins are produced in a range of colours and can be matched to most corporate colour schemes, logo’s and crests can also be included.

For more information, please contact: Patience Atkinson, Amberol Limited, The Plantation, King Street, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 7TT. Telephone 01773 830930 Fax 01773 834191. E-mail Website

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