ERG Air Pollution Control announces exclusive distributor deal with BioGasclean A/S

ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd, the UK-based leading supplier of odour and air pollution control systems has signed an exclusive distribution deal with BioGasclean A/S of Odense, Denmark. Under the deal, ERG will market BioGasclean's biological scrubbing systems which are used for the desulphurisation of raw biogas upstream of gas engines driving power generator sets

ERG Air Pollution Control announces exclusive distributor deal with BioGasclean A/S

The deal appoints ERG as exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland, and also allows the company to sell the BioGasclean systems into the Middle East.

BioGasclean technology offers biogas plant operators a highly effective solution for removing H2S from the biogas stream as it exits the digester. This is essential for the smooth running and high availability of downstream gas engines, thereby giving substantially higher power generation and reduced SO2 emissions.

BioGasclean systems have been installed successfully at over 100 operational sites worldwide, where they are being used to clean biogas streams of up to 6,500m
3/hr. Inlet H2S loadings of up to 30,000ppm are typically cleaned down to less than 250ppm. In special cases, outlet concentrations have been reduced to 10ppm.

Commenting on the distribution deal, James Scott-Bowden, Managing Director of ERG stated: The BioGasclean technology extends our portfolio of gas scrubbing and filtration solutions. It perfectly compliments our odour control systems for the anaerobic digestion and biogas industries. In addition, being a biological biogas cleaning technology, it has low running costs.

Thorkil Dahlgreen, Managing Director of BioGasclean added: We are delighted to have appointed ERG to extend our distribution coverage, as they bring the right combination of experience in selling and managing industrial gas cleaning systems. Further more, they have access to the UK's AD and biogas marketplace and a great depth of quality engineering expertise.

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