Reinforced concrete retaining wall

Rockwall multi purpose L-shaped retaining units. Widely used in the recycling industry to store & divide waste materials & for the formation of skip bays in modern transfer stations.

Reinforced concrete retaining wall

The Waste & Water industry use Rockwall as a quick build wall system for sludge storage & composting.

Walls are extensively used in Agriculture for the storage of Silage, slurry, fertilisers & grain.

General Construction industry usage includes below ground walling, perimeter walls for changes in level & numerous other instant applications.

The Rockwall retaining sections can be cast into a new concrete base/slab or bolted down to a new/existing concrete foundation.


  • Lower overheads
  • Less build time
  • Reduced cure time
  • Less restraints from weather conditions compared to cast in-situ

Available: * 2.55, 3.2 and 3.75m standard heights (specials made to measure)

* built in for new slabs or bolt down for existing slabs
* single and double load options

Applications: bulk storage bunkers, soil retention, composting facilities, tanks, household waste skip bays, sludge cake storage, division walls.

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