Mini adsorber for smaller odour control problems

Not all odour problems call for a large, full-scale pollution control system.

Mini adsorber for smaller odour control problems

For lesser airflows, Simdean have developed a small but powerful adsorber that’s ideal for a range of municipal and industrial applications. It’s highly effective but costs less and uses less energy than our bigger systems.

Contact us to discuss whether our mini adsorber could be the answer to your particular needs.

  • Skid mounted unit treats up to 500 m3/h of odorous gases
  • Can be fitted with fan, inverter and stack to allow for varying flow through adsorber
  • Uses deep bed adsorber with approx. 200 kgs activated carbon provides 3 sec residence period for flowrate of 500 m3/h
  • Carbon type can be varied according to required removal duty

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