BS 8900 - Sustainable Development Certification

Helps you with: corporate responsibility, culture change, strategic planning, policy, innovation, inclusivity, integrity, stewardship, transparency, triple-bottom-line.

BS 8900 - Sustainable Development Certification

What is BS 8900?
BS 8900 is a strategic management scheme that helps you holistically direct policy and organisational culture to enable long-term success (i.e. sustainable development). The scheme utilises the concept of Triple Bottom Line:
• People (societal responsibility, good neighbour, employee welfare, fair deal)
• Profit (long term prosperity, employment, financial security)
• Planet (environmental management, responsible consumption of resources, carbon reduction)
Benefits of certification?
Proven business credentials. Independent verification against BS 8900 speaks volumes and enhances your brand.
Effective use of senior management time. Focusing leaders’ energies on setting strategiclevel objectives.
Focus on opportunities. Shifts culture from risk control to business opportunity.
Improved performance. The scheme helps to align different initiatives, get the most out of them and reduce duplication.
Proven commitment. Senior management and strategic engagement leads by example and ensures success.
Improved stakeholder relationships. By openly addressing the needs of different stakeholders’, people will respond positively to your organisation.
Culture change. Adopting the principles of sustainability can change attitudes and behaviours for the better.
Customer satisfaction. By demonstrating consistency in meeting public concerns on pertinent sustainable development matters.
Ability to win more business. Gaining certification opens doors to new opportunities.
Legal compliance. Stay ahead of legislation and on the right side of the law.
Next steps
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ConsultancyNQA doesn’t provide consultancy, to remain impartial, but we can help you choose a reputable consultant with expertise in sustainable development.
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