ISO 50001 - Energy Management Systems Certification

ISO 50001 is the international standard for Energy Management providing the most robust framework for optimising energy efficiency in public and private sector organisations. Certification to this standard demonstrates an organisation's commitment to continual improvement in energy management, allowing them to lead by example within their respective industries and ensure related legislative and regulatory requirements are met.

ISO 50001 - Energy Management Systems Certification

What are the benefits of certification?

Reduced operating costs - Significant financial savings can be achieved through increased energy efficiency (OFGEM forecast energy prices to rise by at least 20% by 2020).

Improved energy efficiency - ISO 50001 is the most robust energy management system, enabling you to make continual improvements to become as efficient as possible.

Reduced carbon footprint - Reduce your carbon footprint and people will respond positively to your organisation.

Legal compliance - Understand how statutory and regulatory requirements impact your organisation and stay on the right side of the law.

Proven business credentials - Independent verification against recognised standards speaks volumes and enhances your brand.

Win more business - Procurement specifications require certification as a condition to supply, so certification is essential.

Next Steps

ISO 50001 Training - NQA provides CPD accredited training options for energy management which are designed to give you the skills to implement and audit an effective energy management system. These are available publicly, in-house or online.

Gap Analysis - NQA also undertakes optional gap analysis to help you determine the likely workload and timescale for implementing an energy management system that will achieve ISO 50001 certification. This is particularly useful if you have already implemented BS EN 16001 and you can use the analysis to plan implementation or to brief a consultant.

Consultancy - NQA doesn’t provide consultancy in order to remain impartial, but we can help you choose a reputable consultant from the NQA Associate Consultant Register.

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