Durapac CB-15 - Portable Waste Compactor

This compactor has many loading options and an excellent compression ratio.

Durapac CB-15 - Portable Waste Compactor

Technical details

Portable compactors require less space, can be relocated easily and have no special site requirements. The integral compactor means no spillage as the rear door seals retain the liquid and the Durapac machines are fully leak proof. Portable liquid compactors keep sites free of leaks and transportation to the disposal point can be carried out safely and cleanly enabling a reduction in payloads and landfill tax liability. 

Portable compactors can be loaded by hand with safety-interlocked doors or with a hydraulic loader and suitable wheeled bins from 120 litres to 1100 litres. It is also possible to integrate a portable machine with a fixed dock loading system, a through the wall chute system or a forklift loading system.

All portable Durapac compactors are leak proof machines designed to compact and contain wet wastes quickly and efficiently. With their heavy duty construction, large feed aperture, fast cycle time and the highest compaction force in their class, they will out perform and out last all others.

Standard features include:

  • Hardox wear resistant floor
  • Integral hydraulic power pack with three built in levels of protection
  • Key switch operation
  • Emergency stop
  • Cycle selector
  • Auto shut off
  • 3/4 full and full warning lights 

    Full height rear door seal and enclosed hopper to improve hygiene and reduce odours.

    Brand:  Durapac


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