Innovative Cardboard Balers / Recycling Balers

At Compact and Bale we design, supply, install and maintain all types of waste equipment including vertical and horizontal balers that are either high quality standard models or innovative balers built from the ground up. Our baler range includes manual balers, semi auto balers and fully auto balers with a solution no matter your requirement.

Innovative Cardboard Balers / Recycling Balers

Finding the right baler for your business

There are many options to consider when choosing the right baler and finding the right fit will depend on the amount of cardboard or plastic material you produce, how much space you have available, how you wish to load the machine, how much power you are looking to use (or save) and whether it is to be installed to be fed on level ground, from a dock or in a pit.

Our innovative baler options include:

The Strautmann standard baler range includes 10 particular design innovations you won't find elsewhere on the market. These innovations ensure they are the best machines available and prove to be a sound investment with a low cost maintenance requirement and long lifetime of 15 - 20 years. The design innovations include labour and space savings, energy savings, significantly reduced repair bills and improvements to Health and Safety for your operatives. For more information visit

The AutoLoad Baler ( is the world's only automated vertical baler. Feed your baler by 1,000 litre cart(s) supplied with the machine and fill at the point of production. Once the carts are full, place the carts in to the side compartment and at the push of the button the loading and baling process starts.

Saving up to £60,000 per site, per annum.

The BaleTainer ( has been built from the ground up as a modern fully automatic baler that doesn't require an automated feeding system (like a conveyor). It has a monster sized hopper to store significant volumes of cardboard (including very dense cardboard articles and cores) or plastics like PET bottles and processes up to around 2 tonnes per hour of material.

Refurbished Hire Balers

For new starter businesses, SME's and companies looking to keep their investments to a minimum, we do provide a 'fit for purpose' hire fleet option for refurbished hire balers which include servicing and warranty.

We do not supply our customers with the option to buy balers that are refurbished because it does not meet our complete peace of mind offering that we pride ourselves with and are well known for. We do however provide a flexible hire term, or a 3 to 7 year fixed rental period with the benefits of significantly reduced rental pricing with warranty and servicing inclusive.

National Recycling Management

If you are looking for a collection partner to purchase your baled cardboard, plastics and other commodities we collect nationally. The majority of Compact and Bale customers opt for a packaged solution and obtain both equipment and pricing for their materials providing the ultimate return and benefit to the business.

We will work with any business and supply thousands of machines to blue chip, big brands, SME and micro enterprises across the United Kingdom.

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