Market Rate Tracker Guarantee for Cardboard Collections

If you're not sure whether you're getting the right price for your cardboard collections then you'll love our market rate tracker guarantee which means your cardboard rates go up as soon at the market rate increases. Compact & Bale's transparent tracker system on baled cardboard prices keeps your rates up to date and in line with the current UK mill prices for full and part loads. Unlike many companies on a non-tracker system you will automatically get rewarded when the prices increase each month. Disposing of packing or production waste cleverly can help save your company money and earn you money at the same time. For many of our customers, as well as supplying their equipment we also collect their materials for recycling (we collect over 8,000 tonnes per annum from companies around the UK). Most frequently, we collect cardboard, paper, plastics, aluminium and polythene films although we can arrange the collection of a wide range of materials through our extensive network of recyclers.

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