Waste & Recycling Compactor Guide

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Waste & Recycling Compactor Guide

We have put together the below rough guidance on the many different types of compactor to assist you with identifying which ones may be the right fit. Each machine will vary in dimensions, weight, function and capability, power requirement, how they are loaded with materials or waste, how they are emptied or how the materials are collected and cost.

The choice will also depend on what your business is looking to achieve whether it be increases in sustainability, operational efficiency, cost efficiency or cost reduction and improvements to safe working practices.

Please feel free to speak to us for guidance or a site survey, otherwise see below:

Portable Compactors

Portable compactors are perfect if you require high compaction ratios from a machine with a smaller footprint. Typically, payloads are up to 12 tonnes!

Completely sealed units, ideal for solving issues with leaks, reducing issues with smells and vermin.

Built to your requirements and include a huge variety of options to resolve any issues or concerns you have in mind.

Our range of portable compactors are built based on the waste type being produced (food waste, construction, commercial, dry mixed etc.)

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Static Compactors


Static compactors are perfect for a variety of waste volumes and provide some options and flexibility to alter the sizes of the waste container.

Statics are also vital if you must have your machine in operation without any downtime as the container is exchanged to keep you operational rather than the whole machine being taken away and returned. Typical payloads are up to 12 tonnes dependent on chosen model and waste type.


We design and build to your requirements and like our portable compactors, they can be fed by hand, bin tipper, conveyor, chute, cages, forklift or any other means from ground or dock.

Ideal for most types of waste, these units are not completely sealed like a portable machine; and thus if disposing of wet or moist waste you may have issues with leaks and waste clearance when the container is exchanged.


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Self-Cleaning / Wet Waste Compactors


Do you produce a lot of wet waste such as food, organic or general commercial waste that contains liquids?

These portable compactors are lifted by either hook or skip lift vehicles and are completely sealed to avoid leaks and reduce issues with smells and vermin.

Due to their self-cleaning design, all cylinders and components are housed above the ram, eradicating any contact between waste and important parts and so avoiding the need for regular cleaning and the cost of expensive breakdowns. ​

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Screw Compactors

Screw compactors are perfect if you require high compaction ratios and continuous feed with a level of product destruction.


They are ideal for manufacturers and businesses that produce high volumes of general, cardboard, paper, wood or plastic waste and items that require destruction.

Built to requirement with both static and portable options, these machines are normally fed by hand, conveyor, bin tipper or forklift.

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Residual Bin Compactor / Bin Press


Compaction of residual waste prior to collection is becoming more and more valuable due to increasing collection costs.


A Strautmann residual waste press will compact 4-5 bins worth of waste into a single bin. This will reduce your disposal costs and allow for more space in your bin!

Residual waste presses are suitable for any business that have scheduled waste bin collections as essentially, the greater the number the bins you have the more you stand to save.

Unlike many of our competitors, our machine lifts the bin off the ground to avoid damage to the bin base and wheels.


Our durable design allows for a flexible indoor or outdoor installation.

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Drum and Barrel Compactor / Press


Reduce your site's space requirement for barrels and drums with the Strautmann FP200. This machine will crush your drums flat, piercing them in the process and collecting any residual liquids in a sump in the base.


Achieving a volume reduction of 9:1, it will reduce the number of skips you fill, save you transport costs and potentially improve revenues for your materials due to the removal of residual liquids. 


Suitable for all standard 205 litre barrels and drums, steel strapped barrels, washing machine drums, beer kegs etc.


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EPS / Polystyrene Briquetting Compaction

The Strautmann Styropress is a fully automatic EPS/XPS compactor that works on pressure alone so has no screw, no friction heat, no melt downs, no expensive time-consuming repairs and does not require continuous dose feeding from an operator. It is fast loaded at 100kg per hour, until its silo is full, then left to operate automatically without an operator for up to 8 hours.


It produces bricks of 700kgm3 (typically twice the density of other compactors) that can be stacked on pallets or in cages/stillages and fill a trailer/container with a 24t payload.


It is also available with a dryer for use on wet fish boxes.


It really does solve all the problems of EPS compacting.


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PET / Aluminium Briquetting Compaction

Strautmann BrikPress machines are used to compact PET bottles, aluminium cans and Tetra Pak packaging into uniform briquettes that are easily handled, stored and transported.


If uncompacted these materials are voluminous and very light resulting in high transportation costs. However when presented in the correct briquette format these materials are valuable commodities.


The financial benefits from landfill diversion and rebates from recycling means a quick payback and ongoing returns on investment for our users.


We offer a full choice of briquetting presses from EPS briquetters for smaller retail units right up to large BrikPress machines for major producers and recyclers who need high throughput and automation.

Strautmann BrikPresses process 95% of the returned PET bottles and aluminium cans collected through the German Government's deposit scheme.


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Mobile Roller Crushers / Rollonoff Skip Compaction

Designed to compact a wide range of waste types collected in open hooklift skip containers, mobile roll crushers reduce the volume of skip waste being by up to 80%. The number of containers filled is significantly reduced bringing unparalleled cost savings on transport together with many on site operational benefits.


Due to its heavy weight roller, twin motors and 58 HP engine (all twice the specification of the competition’s machines), the Packmat mobile roll crusher can be used to easily, quickly and effectively compact aggregates, metals, wood, cardboard, paper, bulky waste, green waste and general waste!

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