Dissolved Ammonia monitor

In warmer summer months, water distribution systems that utilize monochloramine for residual disinfection become more susceptible to chloramine decay and the nitrification problems that follow. ATI's Model Q45N Free Ammonia/Monochloramine Monitor can help you stay in compliance by providing you with real time information to control the concentration of these two parameters.

Dissolved Ammonia monitor

As the water temperature in ground storage tanks (GST) increases a thermal layer can develop where the warmer water sits above the cooler water. Lower water turnover rates in the GST can make the thermal stratification problem worse.

When the upper water layer gets warmer monochloramine undergoes accelerated decay and liberates free ammonia. Higher free ammonia concentrations coupled with low residual disinfectant concentration increase the risk of nitrification in the GST.

Water in GSTs should be continuously monitored for both free ammonia and monochloramine concentrations to alert the operator when free ammonia concentration increases and/or residual disinfectant concentration decreases.

ATi's Free Ammonia/Monochloramine Monitor provides a continuous reading of the free ammonia and monochloramine concentrations. Visit our website for more information on this product or to find your nearest Sales Representative.

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