Fluoride Analyser

We are pleased to announce that the A15/82 fluoride monitor is now available with a three point auto calibration routine. The monitor has long been available with an auto zero and auto span feature but we have now added the ability to calibrate at two fluoride standard values There has been an increase in the uptake of these monitors particularly in Ireland where around 73% of the population is supplied with fluoridated water. Many health authorities in the UK are also considering implementing fluoridation schemes.

Fluoride Analyser

The ATI A15/82 fluoride monitor provides continuous measurement of free fluoride concentration in potable water. The system employs a fluoride sensitive ion selective electrode (ISE), which provides reliable measurements down to 0.1 PPM and as high as 1000 PPM. A chemistry module provides sample conditioning for the sensor, and the measured fluoride concentration is displayed on a separate electronics module that also provides alarm and analog output functions.

In operation, a small amount of sample is pumped into the system and mixed with the simple acetate buffer solution. The treated sample then flows to a chamber where the fluoride ISE and reference electrode are mounted in close proximity. The continuous flow of sample is measured in this chamber with changes in fluoride concentration immediately reflected at the monitor.

The ATi fluoride monitors require very little maintenance and 5 litres of low cost acetate buffer will operate the system for 45 days. Calibration should be carried out every 60-90 days.

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