Gas leak detection

The F12 and D12 fixed point gas detectors from ATi offer two major innovations. The sensors are smart sensors and arrive with all the calibartion data on board. Simply plug the sensor in, the transmitter reads the data and the system is ready. The unique AutoTest feature of the D12 and F12 uses gas generated within the monitor to test sensors every day, giving the maximum confidence in the sensor functionality and ensuring that safety levels are as high as possible.

Gas leak detection

Self test
For many toxic and combustible gases, ATi offer a unique sensor response testing system unmatched by any competitive transmitter. Even outdoors in high wind conditions, the Auto-Test system provides reliable response checks to insure system integrity.

Electrochemical Gas Generator:
Sensor response is verified with an actual gas sample, generated on demand. Electronic sensor and circuit tests just can't provide the same level of confidence.

Plug-in Smart Generator:
Auto-Test gas generators are easily installed and removed when necessary. Generators store run time information accessible to operators, and are automatically
tested for compatibility with the installed sensor.

Auto-Test Log:
Systems using Auto-Test generators store a testing log indicating the number of tests performed as well as test results. This data is stored in individual sensor memory for later review.

On board data logger
No matter which style of transmitter you choose, your D12and F12 transmitters come with features that enhance performance and provide operational flexibility, starting with our own advanced electrochemical sensors.

Interchangeable Sensors:

Every toxic gas transmitter will accept up to 46 different sensors, greatly reducing the need for multiple transmitter models. The self-aligning sensor holder simply plugs in, with automatic sensor recognition and verification when contact is made.

Smart Sensors:
Plug-in sensors store calibration data, allowing sensors to be calibrated separately from the transmitter. This allows bench calibration (or factory calibration) of sensors to reduce the necessity for carrying calibration gas around the plant. Sensors are even interchangeable with ATI's C16 portable gas leak detector.

Calibration History:
Each time a sensor is zeroed or calibrated, the data is stored in sensor memory. Calibration history can be recalled and sensor condition reviewed by operating personnel whenever necessary.

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