Particle Counter Sensor

Particle counters offer a highly sensitive monitoring technique as an additional indicator of the conditon of post filter water. They have been shown to reveal details not seen by traditional turbidity monitors. Based on a laser light blocking principle, this novel sensor can provide particle count data over size ranges from two to 400 microns, with three 4-20 mA analog outputs and an RS-232/485 digital output supplied as standard

Particle Counter Sensor

Turbidity monitoring of filtered potable water provides an excellent indicator of water clarity as well as a reliable measure of general filter efficacy. Recent studies indicate that particle count data can provide additional information concerning filter operation, and often can provide an early warning of filter breakthrough before turbidity values begin to rise.

Each C10/77 Particle Counter Sensor from ATi contains an integral LED display used to indicate either raw count data or differential counts. The user may select a display of the total particles about a certain size, or differential counts. The display is operated from sealed membrane switches on the front unit. Particle alarm indication can also be programmed at the counter so that high particle counts are indicated locally.

This enables ATis innovative Particle Sensor to address the growing problem of Cryptosporidium by monitoring its potential presence in potable water. Cryptosporidium oocysts are sized between 5-7 microns, therefore, ATis particle sensor can activate the alarm when detecting particles of this size.

A unique feature of the C10/77 Particle Sensor is an easily removable measuring cell. Since deposits on optical surfaces can degrade particle sensors over time, the cell can be easily removed for cleaning. Because all cells are interchangeable a spare cell can be inserted in seconds so that monitoring can continue while cell cleaning is occurring.

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