Sludge Blanket level detector

SLUDGE BLANKET LEVEL DETECTORS and final effluent monitors have been around for many years. Sludge blanket level detectors allow monitoring and control of de-sludging in final clarifiers while a final effluent monitor ensures that suspended solids do not break consent levels.

Sludge Blanket level detector

A common phenomenon in final settlement tanks is that even with good blanket control unsettled solids can raise and be carried over into the final effluent. The sludge blanket level detector will often not pick this up until it is too late and the suspended solids level in the final effluent can break consent levels leading to expensive fines.

The SludgeTracker Plus combined sludge blanket and final effluent turbidity monitor allows control of the blanket and monitoring of final effluent turbidity levels.

The already proven Sludge Tracker is an ultrasonic device, which locates and tracks blankets in all sorts of applications. Primary settlement, final settlement, circular and rectangular tanks, picket fence thickeners, DAF thickeners, moving and stationary bridges, the Sludge Tracker works on them all.

Perhaps the most important application today is monitoring and control of final settlement tanks.

Built in to the SludgeTracker Plus sensor head is a proven 90o scattered light turbidity sensor that gives a continuous measure of the final water clarity.

This means that the two-in-one Sludge Tracker Plus allows control of desludging and prevention of 'carry over' in final settlement tanks.

The SludgeTracker incorporates automatic sensor cleaning for reduced maintenance and has 4-20mA outputs for both sludge blanket level and turbidity.
The key benefits of the new Tracker are:

Continuous, accurate sludge measurement, which will eliminate infrequent and highly inaccurate hand measurements!
Continuous analogue output of sludge level to allow accurate automated sludge pumping; pump sludge not water.

Advance warning of process upset, so deteriorating water clarity is detected before environmental limits are broken.

Measurement of effluent turbidity where it really counts- In each clarifier tank not when it leaves the works.

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