Turbidity Monitor with self cleaning

The turbidity monitor (model A15/76) provides a display of turbidity and is suitable for almost any final effluent monitoring application over a variety of operating ranges.

Turbidity Monitor with self cleaning

Turbidity is a general indicator of the optical clarity of water and is defined as the amount of light scattered from particles in solution. It is used as a relative indicator of the amount of suspended solids in solution and is measured in virtually all drinking water systems. It is also used in industrial water treatment systems as an indicator of product water quality. Display ranges are available for very high turbidity applications such as river water monitoring, for raw water or clarifier effluent monitoring and, in addition, the monitor may be calibrated for suspended solids measurements. Model A15/76 Turbidity Monitor is designed to meet the needs of both municipal drinking water systems and industrial water treatment for reliable, low-range turbidity measurement.

The minimum display range is 0-4 NT and provides resolution down to 0.001 NT . Ranges of 040 or 0-400 NT are available for raw water or clarifier effluent monitoring. A 0-4000 NT range may be used for very high turbidity applications and the monitor may be calibrated with ranges from 0-10 mg/l up to 010,000 mg/l.

Automatic Sensor Cleaning
Because turbidity measurement is often required in wastewater effluents and other applications where sensor fouling can be a major problem, ATI offers a special turbidity unit, the D15/76 system that uses an "air-blast" sensor cleaning system that automatically cleans the sensor as often as necessary to maintain reliable measurements. This system is used only for submersion applications only, and all air supply components required for the cleaning process are supplied in the IP68 monitor package

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