pH, Redox, Turbidity, Conductivity and Chlorine Water Quality Panel

ATI's Q45WQ, Water Quality Panel, is a flexible system designed for continuous, on-line monitoring of multiple parameters in municipal water distribution systems and potable water treatment facilities. The instrumentation contained in each Water Quality Panel is selected by the end user and customized to meet your individual monitoring requirements.

pH, Redox, Turbidity, Conductivity and Chlorine Water Quality Panel

The water quality monitors that are used on the panel were designed to provide long service life with minimal maintenance. The panel is easy to start up, as all components have no moving parts to break down, nor do they consume costly reagents.

The Q45WQ Water Quality Panel includes a 3/8" thick PVC mounting plate cut to the customers specified dimensions, integral stainless steel mounting inserts for all analyzers, flow cells, inlet pressure regulator and strainer. All sample delivery hardware is re-plumbed and a 48 hour factory wet of the complete system is preformed prior to delivery.

Residual Chlorine, Free or Combined Measurement:
The monitor is programmable for either measurement with just an easy membrane and electrolyte change. It does not require costly chemicals, reagents or buffers to operate. Large, dual line LCD display.

Turbidity, Nephelometric Measurement:
The sensor receives scattered light at a 90 angle through flat surface sensor and is available with infrared or white-light light sources. Stable, self-adjusting electronic zero with wide measuring range.

Conductivity, 4-Electrode Style Sensor:
Employs 4-electrodes to cover a wide conductivity range of measurement without the need for multiple sensors. Automatic foulant rejection circuitry is used to compensate for sensor fouling.

Particle Counter, Laser Based Sensor:
Based on a laser light blocking principle, the sensor provides particle count data over ranges from 2 to 400 microns. Incorporates a removable measuring chamber for easy cleaning and maintenance.

pH/ORP, Differential-Style Sensor:
A large volume, dual junction saltbridge is used to maximize the in service time of the sensor. A replaceable saltbridge allows for easy and inexpensive sensor regeneration.

Fluoride, ISE Sensor:
The system employs a single combination ion selective electrode with a wide measuring range from 1000 PPM down to 0.1 PPM.

Dissolved Oxygen, Galvanic Sensor:
Re-buildable cartridge style membraned sensor with replaceable lead anode

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