Thermachem Chemical & Thermal Shock Resistant Clay Pipes

Extensive research and development have enabled us to specify, select and blend ceramic materials to withstand sudden temperature changes in excess of 120 C in effluent temperatures with substantial resistance to chemical attack. We use the highest performance ceramics to manufacture components for use in specialist underground drainage systems and also in industrial applications. When used in conjunction with Naylor Chemical Couplings the Hathernware pipes and fittings may be used to handle aggressive chemicals.

Thermachem Chemical & Thermal Shock Resistant Clay Pipes

Naylor Hathernware is the world’s leading manufacturer of thermal shock and chemical resistant vitrified clay.

Thermal Shock Properties

By far the biggest single threat to ceramic pipes in the process industry is temperature change. When the pipeline is regularly subjected to a rapid change in temperature, the ceramic body can quickly be destroyed by thermal shock. Hathernware is the only ceramic material suitable for use in the areas which are subjected to intermittent discharges of hot and cold effluents such as hospital sterilization units, boiler blow down drainage, laboratories, food processing and beverage production drainage systems with temperature changes of up to 120°C.

Chemical Resistance

The legal obligations imposed upon companies by the Environmental Protection Act 1990 have resulted in increasing awareness of the potential discharge impact of industrial effluents into ground water or rivers. This has led to an increasing trend for ‘worst-case’ scenarios to be designed into the structure of buildings such as food processing, pharmaceutical and research laboratories, hospitals and process plants. This is especially applicable to drainage installed below the main floor slab, where repair or process amendment would prove prohibitively expensive.

Hathernware "Thermachem” pipes and fittings can be used to handle most chemicals and aggressive discharges. 

Hathernware "Thermachem” Chemical Drainage

The key benefits of the Hathernware ceramic are its thermal shock resistant properties and its resistance to aggressive chemicals. "Thermachem” is the name given to the Hathernware drainage system whose piping provides a wide range of industries with robust drainage systems with an extensive lifespan and with both cost and installation benefits. The "Thermachem” range of pipes and fittings have been developed to handle extremes of temperature variation that would normally result in cracking of conventional clay pipes due to thermal shock and to handle the most aggressive of chemicals. Situations that are commonly found in the Process Industry. Selecting a material with a high level of thermal shock resistance coupled with resistance to aggressive chemicals at the outset gives the plant manager and owner the flexibility to introduce new processes or process conditions at a later stage of the plant’s lifetime and to change the cleaning regime of effluent composition. A correctly specified "Thermachem” system will give many years of trouble free service and can be directly coupled to other Naylor drainage systems.

Hathernware Chemical Drainage – Pipes and Fittings

The standard range of pipes and fittings are shown in the attached download but specials can be made to solve most drainage problems.

Hathernware Chemical Drainage – Trenchless Installation

A range of pipes has been developed for trenchless installation. This allows pipelines to be installed in heavily trafficked areas or under floor slabs without surface disruption. The pipes also accommodate applications that require high temperature variations in the discharges as well as any chemical discharged resulting from process or cleaning operations.

Hathernware Chemical Drainage – Couplings

Connections are made using purpose made adaptors or by the use of the Naylor Band-Seal coupling system.

Hathernware Chemical Drainage – "Thermachem” Sleeve Couplings

Manufactured in high impact polypropylene with elastomeric seals providing watertight, flexible mechanical joint assemblies, complying with BS EN295-1: System G. Coloured yellow for easy identification on site. Suitable for sudden changes in temperature and some chemical effluents.

Band-Seal Chemical Drainage Couplings

Manufactured in high grade EPDM or Nitrile elastomers conforming to EN681-1 with corrosion resistant austenitic stainless steel clamping bands and fluoropolymer liner. Suitable for sudden changes in temperature and most chemical effluents.

Hathernware Chemical Drainage – Joint Performance and Flexibility

Joint assemblies meet all the requirements of BS EN295-1. They accept angular deflection and shear resistance without leakage, when tested under an internal or external water pressure of 50kPa (5 metres/head).

Hathernware Chemical Drainage – Technical Services

An in-house advisory service is able to help with problem-solving on most aspects of drainage and plant design. For drainage projects, we prefer to be involved at the very early planning stage, working with the consulting engineers, chemical engineer, designers, works plant managers etc, to identify the effluent composition, concentration and temperature at each release point. The full range of Naylor pipe systems can accommodate virtually all applications and conditions from domestic to the most aggressive of trade effluent at temperatures well above ambient. Because of this, we are well qualified to advise on the specification of the most appropriate type of pipe and coupling, thus avoiding unnecessary onerous specifications and costs.

Typical Applications for "Thermachem” Chemical Drainage

Where hot and/or corrosive liquids are discharged:

  • The chemical and process industries
  • Pharmaceutical and research laboratories

Where sterile conditions involve the use of aggressive cleaning fluids and/or supersteam:

  • Food processing plants
  • Breweries
  • Dairies
  • Hospital sterilization areas

In other aggressive environments:

  • Badly contained ground
  • Areas susceptible to chemical spillage

Hathernware Chemical Drainage – Quality Standards

Hathernware "Thermachem” drainage complies with the stringent requirements of BS EN295-1 and BS51:1991, extra chemical resistance

Naylor Hathernware is manufactured in accordance with BS EN ISO9002

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