Merchant Wind & Solar energy generation

Make carbon and cost savings on your electricity bills with a dedicated source of green renewable electricity, on or off-site.

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Drum Filters for Organic and Inorganic Odour ControlThe AAC DFV200 Drum Filter is a robust Carbon Filter designed for the effective removal of organic and inorganic odour. This includes ammonia, formaldehyde, and hydrogen sulphide from air or gas streams in low flow rate applications.
Odour Control Systems for Commercial Kitchen ExtractionWe design and manufacture market leading Odour Control Systems, formulated to deliver high performance odour, smoke, and grease reduction in Commercial Kitchens.
NOx Filters for New Build Residential Projects in Air Quality Management Areas (AQMA)AAC Eurovent has been a market leader in NOx Filtration (NO and NO2) since 2012.
Passive Ventilation Systems for Odour Control and Hydrogen Sulphide Removal in Sludge Holding TanksThe AAC PV600 is a high-performance Passive Ventilation System designed to efficiently remove Hydrogen Sulphide and control odour in Sludge Holding Tanks.
NOx Filters for Indoor Air Filtration Projects with Horizontal and Vertical AirflowsOur high-performance NOx (NO and NO2) Indoor Air Filters are based on the independently tested, dry chemical scrubbing media AAC NITROSORB.
Activated Carbon for High - Efficiency Odour Control and VOC RemovalWe can supply a full range of competitively priced Granular (GAC), Extruded, Pelletised, Specialist Impregnated and Acid Washed Activated Carbon.
Electrostatic Filters for Food Processing FactoriesThe AAC ESP 6630 Electrostatic Filter delivers a cost-effective smoke and grease reduction solution for Food Processing applications with ducted systems.
Carbon Filter Housing Designed to Reduce Your Plastic WasteThe AAC Swiftpack Carbon Filter System is a flexible, modular carbon filter solution designed for projects with new or existing ducted systems.

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