Merchant Wind & Solar energy generation

Make carbon and cost savings on your electricity bills with a dedicated source of green renewable electricity, on or off-site.

Merchant Wind & Solar energy generation

If your business is looking to save money and carbon emissions, then generating your own energy could be the way forward. You can become energy independent and fix your long term costs for greater certainty and help to increase the share of renewable energy in the grid.

We constructed our first windmill in 1996 and have been building and operating windmills and sun parks on industrial and commercial sites for almost a decade, powering household names like Sainsbury’s and Ford.

Why generate your own energy?

• Generate 100% green electricity to supply your business

• Reduce the carbon footprint of your business

• Cut down your energy bills

• Be more in control of your energy supply & costs

How does it work?

We provide advice on all aspects of the project – from completing site visits to securing funding, gaining planning permission, and installing and maintaining your windmill or solar panels.

How can we help your business?

End-to-end support – from start to finish, we’ll help with the design, planning, installation and maintenance of your windmill or solar panels

Over 20 years of experience – we’ve been designing, building and maintaining wind and solar generation for over 20 years

We’ll work with you – to help your business meet its energy targets

Leave the paperwork to us - we’ll arrange your Renewable Energy Certificates (ROCs) and manage the regulatory requirements that come with generating your own energy

If you’re interested in generating your own energy, visit our website or you’d like to find

out more, just email or give us a call on

0345 600 1994.

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